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Love, Rosie DVD review

Alex (Sam Claflin) and Rosie (Lily Collins) are best friends on the cusp of true love. But they find that pesky life always gets in the way of them furthering their relationship. After finishing school, a pivotal moment happens in both of their lives. Alex is moving to America and wants Rosie to join him but she has a secret she’s hiding that will define the next decade of their relationship.

Based on her best-selling novel, Cecelia Ahern’s follow-up to the box-office hit P.S. I Love You manages to hit every one of its marks. Love, Rosie is a sweet rom-com about how complicated life and love is and whether or not you can rely on fate to take you where you want to be.

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Flavour of the month Sam Claflin steps up again in this amiable love story alongside Lily Collins. Both share a wonderful chemistry and easily sell their love connection. What Ahern’s book did so well is to chart the secret attraction that friends sometimes share, and both Claflin and Collins do exceptionally well on this front. It’s also nice to see Collins lead a rom-com and she handles her role with boundless energy and guile.

The supporting cast are all solid too but a bit stereotypical at times, with Jamie Winstone, Suki Waterhouse, Tamsin Egerton and Christian Cooke being particular highlights. Cooke’s character falls into the cliché trap on more than one occasion but this is down to the script rather than any performance. But nevertheless, they all help move this romantic drama along at a pleasant pace.

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It may be a tad predictable but the sheer enthusiasm of both Collins and Claflin takes you through this well-intentioned story. The ageing process also looks a bit dodgy in places (Collins sometimes looks younger as the film goes on) but there’s enough heart and soul here to make Love, Rosie a solid date-movie with plenty of heart.

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