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Remember Me Signature Series strategy guide review

Remember Me is a third-person action adventure from Capcom. Players take the role of Nilin who is a former memory hunter. She possesses the ability to hack into people’s minds to alter or steal their memories. At the start of the game Nilin has her memory wiped and your job is to help her recover it.

As with many big releases BradyGames are back with a new signature series guide to help players master every aspect of the game. The guide is of their normal high standard with full-colour pages jam-packed with information, helpful tips, bespoke maps, screenshots and artwork from the game.

This is one of the shorter guides we’ve seen from BradyGames at just over 200 pages. This is to be expected though as Remember Me is a solo game with no multiplayer component. The guide is divided up into the following chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Errorist Basics
  • Pressens and Combat
  • Hostile Threats
  • Nilin’s Journey
  • Achievements and Trophies
  • Mnesist Memories

Remember Me

The guide begins with a quick introduction to Remember Me and a simple overview of the various chapters contained within the guide. The second chapter covers the controls needed to play the game and explains some of the important terminology that you will need to understand such as Pressens and Procedural Mastering Points. This second chapter also details the different Memory Hunter Tech available to Nilin and lists how to unlock the special artwork and 3D models.

Chapter 3 covers combat in a lot more detail. It looks at the combo lab and explains the different types of attacks you can perform. There’s info on both normal (Pressen) and special (S-Pressen) attacks which is really useful. When playing the game there is a lot of trial and error to build effective combo attacks. The guide even presents you with examples of different combo attacks to build.

Chapter 4 spans 10 pages and looks at the different enemy types that you will be facing. Each is presented with stats and information on the best tactics to use to combat them. The bulk of the guide is then dedicated to Chapter 5 which walks you through the 9 episodes of the campaign.

At the start of each episode guide is a breakdown of the collectibles on offer as well as what abilities you will gain, the enemies you will encounter and the objectives you will need to meet. There is also plenty of combat guidance and walkthroughs of the memory remix segments. Screenshots are used throughout to help you understand where you should be. There are also overhead maps of the different areas that highlight points of interest.

Chapter 6 details the achievements and trophies on offer and gives some information on each. It’s nice to see this as many guides tend to just list the achievements with little or no explanation. The guide then wraps up with the final chapter that contains the full contents of the 40 Mnesist Memories that you can find during the game. This information is much easier to digest in book form so it’s another nice addition to the guide.

Overall the Remember Me strategy guide is a great companion to the game. It’s perfect to keep it handy while you play to help you through the trickier parts of the game. If you prefer to have help at hand while playing then definitely check it out.

Look out for our review of Remember Me later this week to find out what we thought of the game.

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