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Counting Cars premieres on HISTORY tonight

HISTORY’s brand new car show Counting Cars will be premiering tonight.

In the first episode of this new car series, series we meet the gang down at Count’s Kustoms. Horny Mike discovers a coveted bike frame on private property and convinces Danny to risk it all by sneaking inside. Later, Scott is miffed by a last-minute creative change that is guaranteed to cost the shop big money.

When Danny turns up to check out a hot tip from Scott, he’s baffled to find a 73’ charger shell with no hood but more problematically, no motor. Unflustered, Danny decides it’s a good looking car for a project. The Charger is a bad ass ‘Dukes of Hazards’ car, in the words of ‘The Count’ “they just say muscle”.

Horny Mike, famed because he loves to put horns on everything he sees, gets an order from a customer who is willing to pay top dollar for a custom built bike. After a wild goose chase in a neighbouring bike shop they settle on an Atlas frame. Some blood, sweat, tears and a gallon of bright orange paint later, the bike is complete. She’s long, she’s low, she’s smooth, minimalistic and fat. But is it what the customer had in mind?

Meanwhile the boys have finished up the 73’ Charger. But when Danny goes to inspect their work he’s not convinced. He wants to make some expensive changes at the last hour, just before the customer is due. He has a thought that is going to put the car over the edge, a risky strategy but it equals greater value and higher profit. Will they complete the job before the customer appears?

Counting Cars premieres on HISTORY from Thursday February 21st 2013 at 10pm.

Sian Eleri
Sian Eleri
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