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Brett Kissel explains the ideas behind his new four-part album release ‘The Compass Project’

Platinum-selling country artist Brett Kissel is about to unveil his biggest project to date: a four-part album project, titled ‘The Compass Project’. The first part ‘South Album’ features 11 songs and will be released on January 27, with the remaining three being released throughout the year.

‘South Album’ includes Kissel’s new single ‘Never Have I Ever’ which is out now. Other songs include the fan-favourite track ‘Ain’t The Same’ featuring pop group 98°, and recent releases of Kissel’s, such as ‘Watch It’ and ‘Our Home’. The ‘South Album’ is now available for pre-save here.

Kissel spoke on the release of The Compass Project, saying, “The Compass Project is without question the most ambitious project I’ve ever undertaken. It’s also the one I’m most excited about, being that the complete project includes four full-length albums. At this point in my life and career, I want to tap into all of the different quadrants that represent and guide me as a person, husband, father, artist, and entertainer. Those themes resonate in the distinct direction I take on each album!”

Each album part describes a different part of Kissel’s personality and sound. Before each album is released, feature tracks will drop as singles to give listeners a taste of what to expect from each one. The first part, South Album, is “Classic Brett,” as he calls it, which features contemporary tracks that fans will enjoy singing along to. 

‘South’ is a straightforward, heartfelt, and authentic album that my fans would expect. This one has the heartbeat of Nashville pulsing through every song.”

South Track Listing:

  1. “Never Have I Ever” – Brett Kissel, Thomas “Tawgs” Salter, Elizabeth Lowell-Boland, and Ron Lopata
  2. “Watch It” – Matt Rogers and Blake Bollinger
  3. “Ain’t The Same” (featuring 98°) – Brett Kissel, Karen Kosowski, and Tim Nichols
  4. “Our Home” – Brett Kissel
  5. “Starts And Ends With You” – Brett Kissel, Emma-Lee, and Karen Kosowski
  6. “All I Ever Wanted” – Jacob Durrett, Justin Wilson, and Weston Davis
  7. “First Place” – Brett Kissel, Jason Nix, and Jason Gantt
  8. “That’s Just You” – Brett Kissel and Dave Thomson
  9. “Standing In The Dark” – Steve Fox, Mark Smith, and Sean Smith
  10. “Line In The Sand” – Brett Kissel
  11. “Cadillac Ranch” – Bruce Springsteen

‘East Album’ will be the next released album with more of a spotlight on Kissel’s acoustic, laidback side and is set to release in the early spring.

“‘East’ is a collection of songs that reflect a more stripped-down, heartfelt acoustic side of me. It’s inspired by the ocean and my love for both coasts – the Atlantic and Pacific.”

Released in mid-summer is the ‘West Album’. This will bring in the southern twang and classic country that Kissel loves to perform. 

Kissel spoke about the ‘West Album’ saying, “The ‘West Album’ contains two of my biggest loves – country and western music. It will have the tales and topics that have been the lifeblood of country music since the beginning.”

Rounding out the project will be the ‘North Album’ containing many of Kissel’s greatest hits performed live, as it shows his passion for performing. This will be released in the fall.

“I love to entertain. The stages and crowds have always given me a massive burst of energy, and the ‘North Album’ will revisit live versions of some of my biggest hits and crowd favorites,” Kissel adds.

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