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Miko Marks is returning to the UK in January for UK Americana Week

Following the release of her latest project ‘Feel Like Going Home’ via Redtone Records last month Miko Marks has been confirmed as a performer at UK Americana Week 2023 in London (January 23-26). This marks her second appearance in the UK, having played at The Long Road festival earlier this year as part of Rissi Palmer’s Color Me Country project.

We recently gave ‘Feel Like Going Home’ a full, five-star review which you can read now by clicking on the link.

“Musically and lyrically it’s what the title says, a journey back to my roots,” explains Marks, who views ‘Feel Like Going Home’ as the best work she’s done to date, despite her longstanding history of recording music. “I spent my early career trying to fit into a very specific and limited image and sound within the country music genre. I love country music and always will, but I was raised on so much more, and it’s all in me waiting and wanting to come out. I just want to make the music that is true and honest from within my soul. To me it’s a blend of everything I carry. It’s country, it’s blues, it’s rock n roll, it’s gospel and soul.”

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