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Watch or read as Jordan Davis talks impact of ‘Buy Dirt’ success & the struggle to follow it

Jordan Davis joins ‘Today’s Country Radio’ with Kelleigh Bannen to chat about the success of “Buy Dirt” and the impact it has had on his career as both an artist and songwriter. They also discuss Jordan’s new single “What My World Spins Around,” and how audiences have reacted to it while on the road.

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Jordan Davis on Struggling With What To Do Next After the Success of ‘Buy Dirt’

“Buy Dirt” was a big song for us. It kind of… I don’t want to say paralyzed me when it came, but that song meant so much to me and just absolutely changed my life, my career. To think about what you do next past that has kind of, I mean, for a little while, kind of hung me up. And I just feel now to where, like… I’ve loved “What My World Spins Around” since the day we wrote it. I’m excited to get it out, but yeah, it took me a little while playing it on the road to see that connection to where I was like, “Okay, this song is very similar in what we were doing with “Buy Dirt.””

When we were playing that song out live, “Buy Dirt” just grabbed people and we saw it on stage. I saw it whenever I was playing it for people and “What My World Spins Around” is kind of following that same vein, but it’s still kind of scary to just throw it out there after such a big song.

Jordan Davis on Being Stuck on Trying to Rewrite Songs Similar to “Buy Dirt” After Its Success

You know, for a while, I would show up to a write and I would try to rewrite [“Buy Dirt”]. And I would try to just like… I don’t know. “That doesn’t live up to Dirt.” So I was just stuck and I finally just had to get to a point where I was like, “I’m grateful for that song. That was my last single, and the next one’s going to be my next one.” And just kind of put that behind me. And that’s how we landed on “What My World Spins Around.”

But yeah, for a little while… I probably wasn’t a very fun guy to write with. Looking back on it – because I was just so like, “I don’t know. This isn’t good enough.” Paul [DiGiovanni], my producer, he was probably going crazy, because he was like, “Dude, this is a good song, man.” And I’m like, “Ah, I don’t know, dude. I just don’t think it’s there yet.” And everything was getting compared to that. But I’m in a better spot now.

Jordan Davis
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Jordan Davis on Seeing Audiences React to ‘What My World Spins Around

Lyrically, it’s a song that I think a lot of people are connecting to. It’s just wild to see it really grab… I mean, it grabs the whole audience and they want to sing along. I think that’s where I kind of look for, is when I’m teasing new songs out, playing them, which is always the first place we try new music, you look for the songs that they want to sing with.

You know there’s no way they know it because it’s – there’s nowhere to be found. But when they’re kind of mouthing the words with you, it’s almost kind of funny because you want to say that. It’s like, “Hey, you’re way off. I don’t know what you’re singing, but you’re not singing because you’ve never heard this,” but that is kind of my first sign [like,] “All right, this has got people’s attention.”

Jordan Davis on Finally Releasing a Song He Wrote with Ryan Hurd

Ryan was the first guy I ever wrote with when I moved to Nashville. In 2012, me and Ryan Hurd wrote at ASCAP. Neither one of us had a publishing deal. Ryan was about to sign his publishing deal. And I think too, that’s another reason why [“What My World Spins Around”]… it just kind of has that other layer that a lot of people will probably never be able to get to. But to me… me and Ryan have been trying to get a song out for so long, and to go on 10 years of writing now, and here is our first release we have together, it’s pretty wild. And me and [Matt Dragstrem] have been writing songs for three or four years, but yeah, it’s pretty special to have one out with Ryan.

Jordan Davis’ new single ‘What My World Spins Around’ is out everywhere today (May 27th)Listen below:

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