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‘Age Of Darkness: Final Stand’ To Hit Steam Early Access Soon

Age of Darkness: Final Stand is a new Dark Fantasy survival RTS from PlaySide Studios and should launch on Steam Early Acess on 7th October 2021. The premise here is simple, survive. By day you’ll be building up your settlement and its defences but when the dark comes you’ll have to ward off enemy attacks.

Periodically you’ll have to survive a ‘death night’ where you’ll be attacked by massive hordes of enemies hellbent on your destruction. When I say massive hordes I’m not exaggerating either, Age of Darkness: Final stand uses an internally developed technology called ‘SwarmTech’ that allows the game to render over 70,000 enemy units on the screen at one time.

Watch the announcement trailer below:

Along the way, you’ll be able to research and plan new buildings, deploy new strategies and recruit unique heroes as you try and stay alive.

I’ve already been playing Age of Darkness: Last Stand and although I can’t reveal much at this time I can tell you that it’s unlike any RTS game I’ve played in many years and the Death Night events are some of the most brutal things I’ve come across in gaming. Even though I’ve had my arse handed to me more times than I can count I still want more!

“Age of Darkness: Final Stand heralds PlaySide’s expansion into the hardcore PC platform. As a studio created to develop AAA titles, the vision has always been to develop larger, more hardcore titles on PC and Console” said Gerry Sakkas, CEO, PlaySide Studios. “Age of Darkness: Final Stand is a testament to the grit, adaptability and talent of our artists, engineers and game designers. We’re extremely excited and anxious to meet our first wave of players on Steam and to finish building Age of Darkness: Final Stand together with the community!”

“The PC RTS genre is as wild and untamed as it is deep and complex. This is a space where anything goes and the player’s expectations are limitless” said Sean Gabriel, Lead Designer on the title. “Rising to that challenge and bringing PlaySide’s special blend of personality, experience, and talent to bear has been a herculean task of which we’re exceptionally proud. With Age of Darkness: Final Stand we’ve been able to combine our passion for Action RPGs, Roguelikes, and RTS games into something wholly our own – and we’re only just getting started.”

Check out some screenshots in our gallery below:

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