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‘Revenge of the Brobot: A Steam Room Story’ review

Hot Bot-y Robotics creates an A.I. sexbot named ROB (Robot with Organic Body) but its creator Herbie is furious when he learns that the military has bought the robot with the intention to reprogram it as a state-of-the-art-killing machine. Going against his boss’ orders, Herbie lets ROB escape and tells him to blend in with the world around him so the military don’t get their hands on him. ROB happens upon ‘The Mission’ gym where he meets Chase and his friends, but can his new circle of friends save him from became a military pawn?

‘Revenge of the Brobot’ is an extension of the popular web series ‘Steam Room Stories’, created by film-maker JC Calciano. The series has become a global phenomenon with more than 60.4 million views on the channel and over 110,000 subscribers. In 2019 the web series was transformed into a film, ‘Steam Room Stories: The Movie’, and this new book by Calciano is a sequel to that. Set within the world of ‘Steam Room Stories’ and featuring some familiar characters, ‘Revenge of the Brobot’ is an entertaining and frequently hilarious read that marries science-fiction with some seriously steamy romps.

It should be noted that if you’re a little sheltered in life, this book is probably not going to be one for you. Between the main storyline of ROB adjusting to life in the outside world, and discovering he may be potentially more than just someone’s invention, ‘Revenge of the Brobot’ features plenty of sex scenes and thanks to Calciano’s inventive synonyms for male genitalia, they’re moments from the book that you won’t forget in a hurry.

In terms of the main storyline though, Calciano smartly explores the direction that A.I. is going and the impact that may have on the world. The ‘Steam Room Stories’ bros are completely unaware that their new chum is a robot and that creates plenty of complications, particularly when one of the bros starts to fall for ROB. Underneath that, Calciano continues to build on the buddy relationship, and how important that is for men, creating a rich set of characters that are more fleshed out than you’re likely to expect.

Of course, as always with Calciano’s work, there is a tongue placed firmly in the cheek, and the story tends to play to the humorous side for the most part. That’s not to say there’s not real emotion in there though, as the inevitable discovery of ROB’s robot secret leads to some surprisingly moving fallout. It should also be noted that the pace is fairly zippy so once you get stuck in, you’re going to find it hard to put down.

‘Revenge of the Brobot’ is the escapism we all need right now. Will the book be to everyone’s tastes? Of course it won’t, but if you are a fan of Calciano’s previous work – ‘Is It Just Me?’, ‘eCupid’ and ‘The 10-Year Plan’ – or you love ‘Steam Room Stories’, you’ll lap up this story. Written with a lot of heart and plenty of naughtiness, ‘Revenge of the Brobot’ is a page turner that is best read in one or two sittings so you can fully immerse yourself in the wonderful world Calciano has created.

Revenge of the Brobot: A Steam Room Story
Credit: Whitestone Acquisitions LLC

Publisher: Whitestone Acquisitions LLC Release date: 1st February 2021 Buy ‘Revenge of the Brobot: A Steam Room Story’ now

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