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Homeland 8×09 In Full Flight preview

The latest episode of Homeland, saw events take an even bigger turn for the worse.

If you want to avoid spoilers for Homeland season 8, we suggest you stop reading now. If you don’t mind then please keep reading.

The US tried to stop G’ulom (Mohammed Bakri) having Haqqani (Numan Acar) executed in order to save Max (Maury Sterling). Initially G’ulom promised them 24 hours but then changed his mind and Haqqani was killed by his firing squad.

Carrie (Claire Danes) waited with Yevgeny (Ronin Costa) for help to arrive for Max. It didn’t come and the execution of Haqqani resulted in Jalal (Elham Ehsas) doing the same to Max. Carrie rushed to her friend but he was dead.

Carrie called Saul (Mandy Patinkin) and was furious that he’d done nothing. He promised to send a team to extract her and Max’s body. Yevgeny stayed with her until Saul arrived.

In the White House, John Zabel (Hugh Dancy) and Wellington (Linus Roache) competed to steer President Hayes (Sam Trammell). Zabel seemed to be getting more success until Wellington found a speech he’d prepared. Hayes began to listen to Wellington but Zabel turned up a recording of Jalal saying he was the one who shot down the helicopters. Zabel went behind Wellington’s back and the result was Hayes all but declaring war on Pakistan.

At the end of the episode, Saul went to Carrie as promised but the extraction team were heavy handed. They tried to search and restrain her which spooked her. She pulled a gun and fled with Yevgeny. Saul was fuming with the team and they headed back to base. Carrie decided to tell Yevgeny about the missing black box.

Watch the Homeland season 8 episode 9 teaser below:

Here’s the synopsis for Homeland 8×09 – In Full Flight:

Hayes has ideas. Carrie goes shopping. Tasneem has problems.

UK viewers can watch the next episode of Homeland season 8 on Channel 4 on Sundays at 9pm. Preview the episode with our gallery below:

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