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Turtle Beach to show new ROCCAT Kain gaming mice and more at E3

For a long time, Turtle Beach have been at the forefront of gaming headsets for almost all systems. They recently acquired ROCCAT and are branching out into other peripherals. At E3 next week they will not only be showing off their new standout headset, the Recon Spark but they will be debuting their new Kain range of gaming mice.

“Our newly acquired ROCCAT team’s dedication to design and innovation is clearly evident in the new Kain mouse line, which features innovative technology to make it the fastest, most responsive PC gaming mouse on the market,” said Juergen Stark, CEO, Turtle Beach. “We’re also excited to unveil the Recon Spark as the first of our products with a unique Spark colour treatment. Gamers have an appetite for more colour choices when it comes to their accessories, and we’re already looking at giving future products a Spark treatment of their own.”

Turtle Beach
Credit: Turtle Beach

René Korte, General Manager of PC Products at Turtle Beach added, “E3 2019 is the opportune time and platform for us to unveil our all-new Kain mouse series, which is the sum of an exceptional 12 years designing top-performing PC gaming mice and hearing our fans’ desire for higher-end technology. Every single detail of this new mouse has been remastered, from its size and weight to its form, build, and coating and our innovative new click-mechanism is designed to make gamers’ actions more consistent, satisfying, and faster.”

The Recon Spark is an entry-level wired gaming headset and will be a perfect addition to any system. It will come with a cream and lavender colour scheme.

Turtle Beach
Credit: Turtle Beach / ROCCAT

The Kain series of mice use the Titan Click, a new click-mechanism engineered to unlock accurate and responsive controls. Titan Click is a unison of innovative hardware design supported by software that combines to create a better, faster, more responsive, and great-feeling “click.” This faster and more precise click comes from an exclusive variant of Omron switches and software that registers the click signal up to 16 milliseconds faster than any other mice, giving the Kain a speed advantage and letting players stay one click ahead of the competition.

The Kain range will start at around £49.99 and go up to £89.99 for the higher end models.

Pre-orders will be available from 11th Jene at www.roccat.org/KAIN.


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