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MotherFatherSon episode 6 recap

Kathryn (Helen McCrory) put the wheels in motion to expose Max (Richard Gere) on the latest episode of MotherFatherSon but it didn’t go smoothly.

If you want to avoid spoilers for MotherFatherSon, stop reading this article now.

Following last week’s tense showdown, Max decided to run with the story of Jahan’s (Danny Sapani) son Saif (Idris Debrand) using computers inside number 10 to look up extremist content. Attempting to battle it head on, Jahan sat down for an interview with Saif and Ayesha (Ginny Holder) by his side to try and nip the scandal in the bud. After the interview Jahan couldn’t control his temper and belittled his son.

Nick (Paul Ready) turned up to The National offices to find that he’d been sacked by Lauren (Pippa Bennett-Warner). Moving quickly to do damage limitation, Max gathered the staff together so he could announce an investigation looking into their conduct under Caden’s (Billy Howle) leadership.

Kathryn set to work undoing Max’s evil deeds and she paid a visit to her mother. When she got push back on her plan to expose his dirty secrets, Kathryn found out that Max had dirt on the family. She was alarmed to discover that her comatose father had been a bit too handsy with the women around him years earlier and that her mother had covered it all up.

MotherFatherSon episode 6
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After the revelation Kathryn went to the rehab centre to fire Andrew (Steven Cree) for spying on Caden and reporting back to Max. He begged to keep his job but Kathryn was in no mood to negotiate.

Lauren had a chat with her mother Kali (Karen Bryson), who she found out had been invited to meet with Angela Howard (Sarah Lancashire) and be part of her campaign. Making her disgust clear, Lauren wasn’t happy when Kali said she was going to honour Angela’s request and find out more about her campaign.

Kali made her way to the meeting venue and Angela immediately went into campaign mode. Seeing Angela’s plans to build new towns across the country, Kali appeared to be unsure as to whether or not she would be involving herself with Angela’s campaign.

Meanwhile Scott (Joseph Mawle) went to see his mother Sheila (Valerie Lilley) to make amends. Sheila was shocked to see him and when Scott tried to come clean, she admitted that she already knew he’d stolen from her. A surprised Scott realised the hurt and pain he’d caused his mother, not by his actions but by removing himself from her life without any explanation.

MotherFatherSon episode 6
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Maggie (Sinead Cusack) received a call from Kathryn saying that she and Caden would talk to her. As she gathered all the facts together, Maggie met with Nick and his wife to prepare for the interview. They both admitted they didn’t trust Kathryn or Caden but acknowledged that they had to go through with the interview and get their story.
It didn’t take long for Max to find out what Kathryn was planning, giving him time to put a plan into action.

Back at the rehab centre, Orla (Niamh Algar) was hysterical claiming that Max was investigating her via a tribunal for her part in a man’s death. In a bid to get Caden to force Max to back down, Orla told him she loved him but he realised what she was doing.

Jahan made some time to spend with his son and he shared the secret that he’d considered changing his religion to be more appealing to the public in the past. Saif listened to his father and the two grew a little closer.

They weren’t the only ones who reconnected as Kathryn and Scott had a heart-to-heart where he pledged his devotion to loving her. Could a happy ending be on the cards for those two?

MotherFatherSon episode 6
Credit: BBC

Caden looked for Orla the next day and he couldn’t find her. He talked to one of the carers and she warned Caden that Orla had a history of making up stories, telling him that she wasn’t well.

During Angela’s latest campaign stop, Kali showed her hand by talking out against Angela. She was swiftly removed from the event and placed in a room until the event was over. Kali and Angela had a tense exchange before Kali was asked to leave.

Meanwhile Maggie and Nick met with Kathryn and Caden at the rehab centre. As they were about to start the interview Max showed up and derailed it. He placed a file on the table that held incriminating evidence against Caden that would see him put in prison if it were reported. Kathryn realised just how low Max would sink, choosing to take down their son and pretend he knew nothing about it rather than own up to his actions.

In the episode’s final moments Saif was attacked on the campus of his university by a man who threw paint at him. His bodyguard jumped into action but while he was tackling the attacker, another man knifed Saif. With Saif bleeding and falling to the ground, the bodyguard took the other attacker out but it looked very much like Saif may be dead.

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MotherFatherSon continues at 9pm Wednesday on BBC Two.

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