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The Bay episode 2 recap

With Sean (Jonas Armstrong) in police custody, the twists started coming on the second episode of The Bay.

If you don’t want any spoilers for The Bay, stop reading this article now.

Lisa (Morven Christie) and Med (Taheen Modak) took Jess (Chanel Cresswell) and her mother Margaret (Tracie Bennett) to identify Dylan’s (Noah Valentine) body at the morgue. Jess couldn’t go through with it so Margaret agreed to do it. As she saw her grandson’s dead body, she broke down in tears with Lisa at her side to comfort her.

Sean continued to refuse to co-operate with the police, making him look guiltier and guiltier. Tony (Daniel Ryan) gathered the team together for a briefing and assigned Stew (Simon Manyonda) to do some investigating around the youth club where the twins were last seen.

The Bay episode 2 - Jonas Armstrong
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Lisa and Med went to question Sean’s colleagues Krzysztof (Jordan Misfud) and Ryan (Philip Hill-Pearson). They revealed that they knew Sean wasn’t with them for the entirety of the night the twins went missing citing CCTV as their evidence. Ryan was adamant that Sean wouldn’t have done anything to hurt the kids.

Reporting her findings to Tony, Lisa revealed that they had got Sean’s friends to admit they did lose him for part of the night. Tony told Lisa that another of Sean’s colleagues, a man with learning difficulties called Nick (Matthew McNulty), was seen arguing with Dylan the night the twins disappeared outside the youth club. He sent Stew to interview him before Med alerted Tony and Lisa to the tell-all story that the twins’ biological father Lee (Ciaran Griffiths) had given to a newspaper.

Jess was furious insisting that Lee’s revelations were lies. Margaret admitted that some of what Lee said was true including the part where he’d said the kids were looked after by her when Jess struggled. Lisa pressed Margaret on what she’d said about not being surprised the kids might have run away. Margaret pointed to the family situation and said Sean wasn’t an angel and he disappears off with no explanation. Sean was supposed to pick the kids up but Margaret said he can never be trusted.

Stew visited Nick’s house but found he wasn’t around. He spoke to his mother instead who insisted he’d been with her on the night that the twins went missing but Stew told her he knew that wasn’t true and that he’d been seen at the youth club. Stew didn’t get much out of her as she was fiercely protective of her son.

The Bay episode 2
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Meanwhile Lisa visited Lee and told him not to speak to any more reporters. She advised him to go home and keep his head down. Back at the station Lisa was shown footage of Sean going in and out of a house, which accounted for the missing time the evening she had met him. She looked at the list of residents and saw that Sean’s colleague Krzysztof lived there. Lisa went to investigate and met Krzysztof’s wife, who admitted she’d been having an affair with Sean.

That revelation meant that Sean was released on bail and the police pinned their focus on finding Nick. Sean returned home and was about to tell Jess something when they were interrupted by Med. He went out to search for Holly (Darci Shaw) and Lisa arrived and took him to task for wasting police time. Sean said that he was ashamed of his behaviour, which is why he wasn’t upfront.

Tony did some digging about Nick and found out that he often hung around the youth club. Some CCTV footage showed Nick cycling towards the prom, adding more weight to the idea that he had something to do with Dylan’s death.

Med upset Jess by referring to Dylan’s body as ‘it’ and she screamed at him to get out of her house. He called Lisa and she arrived to try and smooth things over. As she was in the middle of trying sort the situation, Nick arrived at the house and Lisa chased him on foot. Before he ran away he dropped a bunch of flowers and a card that said ‘I’m sorry’ inside it. Lisa caught Nick and arrested him for assaulting her.

The Bay episode 2
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At the police station Nick’s mother kept interrupting and was told she would be removed from the room if she didn’t keep quiet. Nick wasn’t forthcoming and Tony realised they didn’t have enough to hold him on so they had to release him. Lisa updated Jess and Sean and they got angry when she wasn’t able to tell them the exact reasons why they arrested and released Nick.

While Lisa was rushing around all over her kids were up to no good. Abbie (Imogen King) met up with Vincent (Adam Long) again and tried to kiss him. He rebuffed her due to her age but gave her a package to give to someone at her school. When she got home she opened it and it was bags of drugs. Rob (Art Parkinson) meanwhile stole a bottle of vodka and posted the footage on a social network. Abbie caught him drinking and the two shared the bottle before Penny (Lindsey Coulson) walked in on them.

Penny told Lisa she needed to be there for her kids and as she was about to give them a talking to, she received a call telling her that something had been found by the divers searching for Holly. When she arrived at the scene, she discovered it was Holly’s backpack.

As the episode ended, Nick went out on his bike and was followed by Sean in a van. Sean put his foot down and it looks very like he rammed Nick off his bike. Before we found out, the credits came up and the episode ended.

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The Bay continues at 9pm Wednesday on ITV.

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