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MotherFatherSon episode 4 recap

Caden’s (Billy Howle) mental state was a cause of concern for everyone on the latest episode of MotherFatherSon.

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Frustrated following Max’s (Richard Gere) decision not to take him back into the company, Caden took off his suit and burned it in the gardens of the rehabilitation centre. He was found by one of the workers in a near catatonic state as he watched his clothes burning.

During meal time, Caden slipped and dropped his food all over the table. He started to eat it by pushing his face into the pile of food as Orla (Niamh Algar) watched on. Eventually, Orla went to Caden’s aid and cleaned up the mess. Caden then pushed himself too hard on the running machine and slipped, banging his head in the process.

MotherFatherSon episode 4
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Kathryn (Helen McCrory) pleaded with Max to help their son but he didn’t seem all that interested. She told him that Caden felt like he had nothing to live for and when Max said he still had them, Kathryn admitted that she didn’t believe that was enough. Max pushed back insisting he would not create a fake job for his son.

Realising she needed to change tack, Kathryn asked Andrew (Steven Cree) for assistance in tracking Scott (Joseph Mawle) down after she couldn’t find him at the halfway home. They found him in a bad state sleeping rough and Kathryn took him back to her home. Andrew cleaned him up and tended to his injuries, and Kathryn revealed the real reason she’d wanted to find him; she believed that he may be able to get through to Caden given that he himself had come back from losing everything.

Scott agreed and he went to visit Caden with Kathryn. They found him in the arts and crafts room where he was focused on making a face out of plasticine. When Scott introduced himself, Caden revealed Scott’s secrets publicly telling Kathryn that he knew they’d been sleeping together and that Scott tricked his own mother to get his hands on her money. Losing his temper, Scott launched himself at Caden and had to be dragged away.

It turns out Caden was telling the truth and Scott admitted that he did lose all of his mother’s money and her house, and that no one knew that information apart from him. He asked her how Caden found out the information he did.

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Maggie (Sinéad Cusack) and Nick (Paul Ready) continued their investigation, which this week took them to the office of an MP they believed was involved with the private detective murder. They tried to get him to talk but he wouldn’t give an inch.

Max paid a visit to Jahan (Danny Sapani) where he revealed that he was going to back Angela (Sarah Lancashire) for the upcoming election.

Back at the rehabilitation centre, Orla sneaked into Caden’s room and encouraged him to commit suicide with her. She took him to the pool where she strapped weights around them both and then helped him into the water. They both sank to the bottom of the pool but when Orla started to panic, Caden loosened the weights and they swam to the surface. Their experience brought them closer and they had sex before talking in Caden’s room.

Scott apologised to Kathryn for attacking Caden and asked if he could see him again. Kathryn didn’t think it was the best idea but she agreed to it and told Scott he could stay at her house. They visited Caden and he told Kathryn that he had someone to live for, explaining that he had feelings for Orla. He then expressed concern that if she found out the things he’s done, she wouldn’t be able to love him.

It was revealed that Max was aware of the conversation thanks to that bug he planted, and he was advised that Caden is becoming a threat.

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Max and Lauren (Pippa Bennett-Warner) went to visit Angela and take a look around her factory. They discovered that she gives homes to her ‘colleagues’ that can’t otherwise afford to buy them. Lauren had previously aired her scepticism about Angela to her mother before the visit and her concerns grew when she asked one of the catering staff if they owned a home, to which they said only ‘colleagues’ get them not ‘contractors’. Max had a chat with Angela alluding to what he could do for her with his paper.

Minutes before Jahan’s election rally, Max published a damaging article on the front of the newspaper to try and damage his campaign. Jahan didn’t rise to the bait but he did rip up the newspaper live on air, with the audience doing the same. He then called Max to tell him that he would win the election and when he did, he’s take Max down.

Maggie approached Kathryn at the rehab centre to try and find out information. She hinted to Kathryn that she knew Caden had been involved in phone hacking and asked her to get in touch should she want to talk.

Kathryn called Max and told him he needed to meet her and Caden, claiming she knew ‘everything’. Max rushed over as Kathryn signed a day release for Caden so she could take him to her home. Caden warned Kathryn that she doesn’t know Max and that the man who was about to turn up, is very different to the man she thinks Max is.

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MotherFatherSon continues at 9pm Wednesday on BBC Two.

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