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DreamWorld launches DreamGlass 2.5K Augmented Reality Headset

DreamWorld have announced the launch of their 90-degree field of view AR Headset and Unity SDK. DreamWorld hopes to make AR more accessible to developers and have priced their headset at $399. Dreamworld have prepared the inventory and expects to ship the first batch of DreamGlass to developers by late June.

Along with 90-degree field of view and 2.5K HD resolution, key DreamGlass features include:

  • Three-degree head tracking
  • Hand gesture recognition
  • PC and smartphone tethering via USB-C connector
  • Use as an external display on compatible smartphones, allowing users to use the phone’s touchscreen input to interact with the virtual content
  • ~1/2lb (250g) weight for easy portability and comfort

Watch the DreamGlass launch video below:

[brid video=”253898″ player=”531″ title=”DreamGlass Launch Video”]


Dreamworld’s Unity based SDK is supported by both Windows and Android and is designed to be straightforward to use, which allows developers to easily develop an array of high-quality content. DreamWorld believes that by providing an affordable, high-quality AR headset, developers have more opportunities to bring their content to life and provide the push needed to get AR to the mass market.

DreamWorld believes AR bridges the digital and physical worlds and will become a larger part of our daily lives. Their mission is to make reaching that future a collaborative effort that allows everyone who is enthusiastic about AR to take part in shaping the future. They’ve created the DreamGlass with the hope of making AR accessible to everyone. Part of that includes offering an affordable headset, with the functionality of a high-end AR headset, to developers hoping to build high-quality, interactive content.

Developers interested in ordering the DreamGlass can visit the official DreamWorld website

View some images of DreamGlass in our gallery:

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