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Blindspot season 4: 10 things we want to see

After struggling to get a season 3, Blindspot did the impossible earlier this month by securing a fourth season. Showrunner Martin Gero always talked of a three season arc so I was shocked but happy to hear that another season was on the way.

If you haven’t seen the Blindspot season 3 finale and want to avoid spoilers, we suggest you stop reading now. If you’d like to hear our thoughts on the upcoming season, keep reading.

The Blindspot season 3 finale saw Roman (Luke Mitchell) lead the team to Cape Town, where things began for himself and Jane (Jaimie Alexander). He managed to get Hank Crawford (David Morse) to follow him too and confronted him for his past actions.

The team arrived on the scene and it was Jane who took Crawford’s life. Roman escaped to be with Blake (Tori Anderson) but she was aware of his lies and fired the bullet that killed him.

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Jane got to say goodbye to her brother before he died but found herself suffering from ZIP poisoning. This wiped her memory again to reset her back to Remi. It left her thinking she was undercover and trying to destroy the FBI team.

Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) ended up hospitalised from his gunshot wound. While Zapata (Audrey Esparza) resigned and joined forces with Blake. Reade (Rob Brown) was left confused as to why Zapata hadn’t contacted him.

Find out what I want to see when Blindspot returns for season 4…

1. Remi as the villain. It appears that the ZIP poisoning has taken it’s toll on Jane and wiped her recent memories. That means that Remi, her evil self, is back and it should lead to some interesting twists. Remi thinks that she’s undercover with the FBI and is working to rip them apart. I don’t think it’s a cover she’ll manage for long. With Roman dead, Shepherd in prison and Sandstorm dismantled, Remi is going to be in for a difficult time indeed. Can her ZIP poisoning be cured and if so will she ever go back to being Jane?

2. Weller to survive and to take the FBI directorship back from Reade. I’m pretty confident that there’s no way that Weller won’t recover from his injuries. He’s going to be in for a shock though when he finds out that Jane has lost her memories and reverted back to Remi. Losing Jane and presumably having to go up against the woman he loves is going to be tough on him. Following orders from Reade doesn’t suit Weller, he’s a born leader and more deserving of the FBI lead. I’m hoping he moves back into that position in season 4.

3. More Rich Dotcom. Ennis Esmer as Rich was brilliant in seasons 1 and 2, adding him to the team for season 3 was a genius move. Sadly he wasn’t always present and I’d like to see that change in season 4 as it’s always more fun when he’s around. It would be good to let him out of the office and into the field more often too.

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4. Blake and Zapata working together. The season 3 finale revealed that there’s more to Blake than I thought. With her father dead she’s perfectly poised to take over his company and even continue his plans. It looks like the pair probably started working together during the gala back in Mum’s the Word when Zapata’s comms mysteriously stopped working. Zapata working against the team was unexpected and I wonder if she was really stealing the phone in Defection for the CIA. There may also be more to her turning up to sleep with Reade as well.

5. Less focus on the tattoos. The tattoos have driven the plot for the first three seasons and it feels like time for them to take a backseat. Roman passed over a thumbdrive with plenty of information on them so maybe the team can finally move past them. Presuming Remi ends up away from the FBI there shouldn’t be the need to have a new tattoo case each episode.

6. Patterson to find love. She’s of my favourite characters in Blindspot and works tirelessly to keep the team ahead. Patterson has struggled with all her relationships, first with David dying and then with Dr. Borden working undercover for Sandstorm and torturing her. It’s time she found some happiness and maybe it’s right in front of her. Rich Dotcom maybe?

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7. Roman to still feature. Ok so I know that Roman is dead but that doesn’t mean he can’t still appear in flashbacks right? There’s still a lot of untold story of his time with Remi and Shepherd. It would also be great to see Luke Mitchell reprise the role.

8. Dr. Borden (Ukweli Roach) to redeem himself. The friendly psychologist turned out to be a terrorist and left Patterson damaged in season 2. In season 3 he was working for the CIA and seemed to be a broken man. He genuinely seemed sorry for his past actions and I feel he could still come back and redeem himself.

9. A different role for Avery (Kristina Reyes). Jane having a teenage daughter was a genuine surprise in season 3. Sadly I don’t think Avery fit all that well into the show. Moving forward it would be good to find a new role, either helping the FBI team or siding with her mother.

10. More unexpected twists. Blindspot is at its best when it throws in the unexpected. It’s kept me guessing right from the first episode and managed to shock me plenty of times. I didn’t see the twists at the end of season 3 coming and hope the show continues to surprise in season 4.

Blindspot is expected to return to TV screens towards the end of 2018.

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