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10 things we want from How to Get Away With Murder season 5

The status of How to Get Away With Murder is currently hanging in the air but that doesn’t mean we’re not already thinking of what another season could deliver.

If you haven’t seen the fourth season of How to Get Away With Murder and want to avoid spoilers, stop reading now. To hear our thoughts on a potential fifth season, keep reading.

Disappointingly How to Get Away With Murder seems to have shed a heck of a lot of viewers the past two seasons, which is a real shame as season 4 was very much a return to form after a muddled couple of seasons. The main through line of the season was watching Annalise (Viola Davis) work her way back up the ladder and it was a thrill to see her do it.

While Annalise was finally dealing with her demons, the Keating Four put their minds together to bring down Laurel’s (Karla Souza) father Jorge (Esai Morales) who they believed was involved with Wes’ (Alfred Enoch) murder. A heavily pregnant Laurel convinced Michaela (Aja Naomi King) to abuse her position working in the law firm that represented Jorge’s company to get access to confidential and potentially incriminating files.

How to Get Away With Murder 4x15
Credit: ABC

Of course no season of the show would be complete without a whodunit mystery and that came courtesy of Simon (Behzad Dabu) being shot, which it turned out he did to himself by accident after catching Michaela and co in the midst of stealing data from the law firms servers. Simon survived the shooting but Michaela got him deported, fearing he would land them all in trouble.

By season’s end Jorge was arrested for a number of reasons, including potentially killing D.A. Denver (Benito Martinez), Laurel was reunited with her baby but under suspicion following the strange disappearance of her mother, and Frank (Charlie Weber) appeared to have tracked down Bonnie’s (Liza Weil) secret child.

As we wait to find out if ABC are going to renew the show for another season, I’ve put together 10 things I want to see from a potential season 5.

1. The mystery to revolve around a character other than Laurel. Don’t get me wrong, I love Laurel but she was the main focus of season 4 so it’s time for another of the characters to be in the spotlight. Sure there’ll be focus on what happened to Laurel’s mum, but now the mystery around Wes seems to have been put to bed, I’d like a season focused around Michaela or Connor (Jack Falahee).

How to Get Away With Murder 4x11
Credit: ABC

2. Laurel’s mother’s disappearance to be a real twist. All signs point to Laurel having had a physical fight with her mother, especially after we saw those wounds on her arms, but I hope it’s a red herring. It seems too obvious and it’s not like How to Get Away With Murder to do anything straightforward.

3. Annalise to continue with her class-action suit. One of my favourite parts of season 4 was seeing Annalise come back fighting, with the help of Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) no less. Now her class action is allowed to move forward, I want to see that storyline really explored in the next season. Annalise is at her best in the court room so I hope she spends plenty of time there.

4. Connor to get his groove back. Now he’s re-enrolled in law school, it’s time Connor got back to doing what he does best. He was aimless for much of season 4 but did find his mojo when he assisted Annalise on her class action suit. I hope he gets his act together!

5. Frank to pursue his budding law career. The scene of him enrolling could be more to do with finding Bonnie’s son but I would like to see Frank become a fully -ledged lawyer. He really went through a redemption arc in season 4 and he’s back in Annalise’s good graces. Hopefully he’ll come back into the fold more this season and continue proving his worth.

How to Get Away With Murder 4x03
Credit: ABC

6. Michaela and Asher (Matt McGorry) to get back together. Yes cheating on Asher with Marcus (Cornelius Smith Jr) was a terrible thing to do but I’d like to think there’s a way forward for the unlikely pairing. I went from hating their relationship to rooting for them so I’m hoping there’s some reconciliation to look forward to.

7. More Bonnie. With the potential of her son arriving on the scene, we should get plenty of Bonnie in season 5. She stood on her own two feet in season 4, proving that she doesn’t need Annalise to give her confidence. Who doesn’t love Bonnie when she’s being her most devious?

8. Simon to return. It looked likely that he was being deported but you never know what curveballs are in store on How to Get Away With Murder. He could still cause plenty of trouble for Annalise and the group, and he would have plenty of reasons to want to exact revenge on them.

How to Get Away With Murder 4x03
Credit: ABC

9. Plenty of Oliver (Conrad Ricamora). I love the character of Oliver. He’s the moral compass of the group but he’s quite happy to get his hands dirty too. It seems he’s the only character with any conscience left and I doubt what happened with Simon is going to sit well with him. Also I’d be happy with a Coliver wedding please!

10. Jaw-dropping twists. How to Get Away With Murder is at its best when it catches you off-guard. I’ve endlessly gasped over the past four seasons at the twists and turns and it’s pretty much impossible to figure out what’s going to happen. That’s exactly how I like it!

How to Get Away With Murder airs on ABC in the US and Sky Living HD in the UK.

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