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Trust Me series 2 episode 4 recap

The killer was outed on the series 2 finale of Trust Me. Did you get it right?

If you want to avoid all spoilers for Trust Me, stop reading this article now.

Jamie (Alfred Enoch) was pulled back from the brink by Zoe (Katie Clarkson-Hill) who managed to reverse the dangerously high glucose levels that almost killed him. Following what happened, Zoe appealed to Alex (Richard Rankin) again to help her find out who was targeting patients on the ward. She shared her theory that it was Dr. Watson (John Hannah) but Alex wasn’t so convinced.

Dr. Watson was paid a visit by Orla (Saskia Ashdown) who tried to throw Zoe under the bus, saying that she was possibly responsible for what happened to Jamie.

Alex paid Jamie another visit and meddled with his IV before trying to inject him with something. Jamie stopped him and Alex told him it was just ‘salty water’ to flush the drip. Alex then authorised Jamie to return to the ward, where Zoe kept an eye on him like a hawk.

The two had a quiet chat outside the ward where Zoe confided in Jamie that she was prepared to go to the police to report that someone was murdering patients. When she got back inside, she was greeted by the police and Dr. Watson informed her that she was a suspect. Zoe argued back pointing the finger at Dr. Watson and she was escorted to the police station in handcuffs.

Trust Me series 2 episode 4
Credit: BBC

During questioning Zoe was asked about how she knew that Jamie’s blood sugar levels were the problem when she didn’t carry out a test. She was also hauled over the coals for not going to the police with her concerns and Zoe told the police she’d raised them with Dr. Watson. The police then brought up her past issues and used the information Dr. Watson had given them to put pressure on her by revealing they knew that she’d stolen drugs.

Zoe was horrified to realise the police had a case against her when they highlighted that she was present when all of the patients died. She denied she was there when Danny (Elliot Cooper) died but the police told her that they tracked her electronic ID, which placed her at the hospital. Zoe claimed she was being set up and became hysterical.

Alex tried to tackle Dr. Watson about what he’d said to the police about Zoe but he wouldn’t give anything away. Watson then visited Jamie, who also wanted to know why Zoe had been arrested. He told Jamie that Zoe was the person harming patients, based on the evidence he’d been able to compile. Jamie argued with Watson telling him he wanted to speak to Zoe and Watson made it clear that wasn’t going to happen.

Reacting angrily, Jamie insisted that he wanted to leave the ward but Watson told him he was being sectioned so he couldn’t discharge him. As he left, Watson told Jamie that the police wanted to speak with him.

Dr. Karimi (Amiera Darwish) tried to argue Jamie’s case telling Watson that if she assessed him and found him fit to go home, the hospital would not be able to keep him held. Watson ignored what she said and told her that her say wouldn’t have any impact.

Trust Me series 2 episode 4
Credit: BBC

Zoe was visited by Alex at the police station where he brought a lawyer to get her out. As she returned home, Zoe realised she was all over the news and found photographers outside of her window.

Back at the ward, Jamie was questioned by the police about Zoe where he firmly told them that Zoe wasn’t behind the murders. He started to think about the deaths, racking his brain to try and find a possible murderer that wasn’t Zoe. The police got inside Jamie’s head and as he was thinking, the police received a calling saying that they had got Zoe on forensic evidence.

Zoe continued popping pills at home and Alex made her some food. Zoe continued to blame Watson for setting her up but Alex insinuated that he would stand by her even if she had been murdering patients. As they talked, they were interrupted by a knock on the door and the police arrived to take Zoe to the station for more questioning.

Agreeing to go with them, Zoe asked if she could go to the toilet. She grabbed a load of pills and fled from the apartment.

Watson updated Alex saying that all of the evidence pointed at Zoe and suggested she’d interfered with IV bags by injecting drugs into them.

Jamie received a letter from Zoe asking him to meet her in the basement later that day. When night arrived, Jamie kept his eye on the nurses’ station so he could slip out undetected. He seized his opportunity and took the elevator down to the basement where Zoe was waiting for him.

Trust Me series 2 episode 4
Credit: BBC

Zoe told Jamie she was innocent and blamed Watson for framing her. She asked Jamie to check Watson’s office to see if he could find any evidence. Jamie agreed and headed straight there. As Jamie searched the office, Watson realised he’d left something and headed back into the building.

After finding nothing, Jamie noticed a briefcase on top of a cupboard. He used his crutches to stand up so he could reach it but was caught by Watson, who told him he’d already called security. Jamie accused Watson of killing Danny and Watson continued to be defiant, telling Jamie he had been manipulated.

Watson told him that if he wanted to kill Jamie, he’d be dead already and he insisted he had his best interests at heart. Watson confided in Debbie (Ashley Jensen) saying that he couldn’t understand what was going wrong on the ward. He received a call from his wife and left Debbie in the corridor.

Later Jamie asked Debbie if she thought that Zoe had really committed the murders. Debbie responded by saying that she believed Zoe to be a troubled woman before trying to convince Jamie to continue his physiotherapy. Jamie decided he wanted to work on his walking so Debbie helped him to his feet so he could use the bars to steady himself while he attempted to move. He started having flashbacks to being in the military and collapsed on to the floor.

Debbie took Jamie for some fresh air and told him that she was there to help him. She opened up about her husband revealing that he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease and wanted to die by the end of his life. Debbie asked Jamie if he wanted to die and he admitted that sometimes he did. With tears in his eyes, Jamie told Debbie he wanted to die before telling her that he killed a kid during his service.

A flashback showed Jamie pointing his gun at the kid who was gravely injured and begging to be killed. Jamie did as he was asked but the situation haunted him since. He broke down telling Debbie what he did was wrong and he wasn’t sure he could live with it. Debbie told him she could make it all alright and make the pain go away.

Trust Me series 2 episode 4
Credit: BBC

Meanwhile Zoe paid a visit to the hospital that Watson used to work at and passed herself off as a new local doctor. She gained access to a computer and started searching through it to look at Watson’s mortality rate. Zoe then talked to one of the nurses about Watson where she found out he was a ladies’ man but said he was great with patients.

She also found out that Watson had to leave his job after an ultimatum from his wife who had caught him having an affair with… Debbie!

Speaking of Debbie, she took Jamie to the pool and started to rant about putting people out of their misery as a kindness. Jamie realised that it was Debbie who was killing patients and as the penny dropped, she lowered him into the water in a bid to drown him. Returning to the ward, Zoe broke into Debbie’s locker where she found a collection of her colleagues’ key cards.

Jamie fought to free himself from the device Debbie had strapped him into. As he reached the surface, Debbie jumped in and held his head under the water. Zoe frantically ran around looking for Jamie and was told he was in hydro.

Jamie knocked Debbie’s feet from under her and the two struggled under the water. He hallucinated the kid he’d killed and let go of Debbie. Zoe arrived then with security and Debbie and Jamie were pulled out of the pool.

Debbie confessed to what she’d done and explained that the death of her husband made her realise that her patients needed her help. She broke down as she said the killings weren’t easy but that she ‘always got there in the end’.

Trust Me series 2 episode 4
Credit: BBC

Back home Zoe binned all of her pills, packed her bags and decided to leave Alex.

Watson was questioned over his behaviour and his affair with Debbie. He was put on definite leave while he was investigated and Alex was promoted to his job.

Jamie met up with Zoe, who accompanied him to his court martial hearing. He said he was going to admit to what he’d done and he and Zoe held hands. She passed him his hat and Jamie used his crutches to walk into the hearing.

Trust Me series 2 has now finished its four-episode run on BBC One.

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