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Blindspot 3×05 This Profound Legacy recap

Jane struggles to cope with a secret from her past.

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In the latest episode of Blindspot, the team raced to prevent an international crisis.

If you’re not up to date with Blindspot and like to avoid spoilers we suggest you don’t read any further.

The episode opened up with a man and woman who seemed to be Russians and on the run. They were in a public restroom and the man cut his hair short while the older woman destroyed his phone. There was no information on who they were but they were obviously in trouble and the woman appeared to have sustained an injury, maybe a gunshot or stab wound.

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At the FBI, Patterson (Ashley Johnson) had been looking into
the new information Jane (Jaimie Alexander) received about having a daughter that she gave up for adoption. There wasn’t much to go on but the evidence seemed to suggest that it was true. Jane struggled to believe it and wanted Patterson to find more proof. Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) did his best to comfort her.

Zapata (Audrey Esparza) went to talk to Reade (Rob Brown) about why he lied to her. He said he hadn’t but she revealed that she saw him leaving with Assistant Secretary of State West (Nicholas E. Calhoun). When she asked why he refused to give up the information, what is he hiding? They were interrupted when Patterson solved another tattoo.

She had discovered that Jane had a series of numbers and letters on her spine. As an ex-cop, Zapata recognised the format and it pointed to an evidence box from over 20 years ago. Weller and Jane decided to go and collect the box to check it out. Zapata wanted to go as well but Reade put her on paperwork duty.

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At the warehouse, Weller and Jane found two Russian guys already there. When challenged they attempted to flee and burn the place down. Weller killed the guy he was chasing but Jane arrested hers. When they tracked down the box they discovered it was full of untested rape kits and Jane was furious.

Later Patterson discovered that New York state had passed legislation to test the backlog of untested kits. They conclude that the Russians must have been trying to destroy evidence that implicated someone powerful in a crime.

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Patterson was also handed some new evidence related to Stuart’s murder. The Coastguard had recovered his phone on the shores of the Hudson. Patterson was excited to see if should could extract any information until Reade suspiciously told her not to spend too long on it. Reade definitely knows more than he’s letting on.

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Weller and Jane interrogated the Russian they captured but he refused to cooperate. Weller tried a bluff that more of his friends had been captured and were willing to help. It worked and he gave up the bank details of how he got paid for the job.

The evidence led to show that King Ivan of Kazarus, who died recently, had raped a woman named Yasmine. Her son Vanya was the rightful heir to the throne but the King’s brother wanted him dead.

Patterson discovered that Vanya was a student at NYU, and Zapata had evidence that they were on the run. Congressman Matthew Weitz (Aaron Abrams) turned up and gave extra info on King Ivan. Patterson worked out that Vanya had a girlfriend and intercepted a message between the pair. This let her identify Vanya’s location.

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Weller and Jane went to investigate and explained to Vanya that they were there to help and protect them. They got his mother to a hospital but the hitmen after them turned up. Weller and Jane killed some of them before managing to flee with Vanya and his mother. The hitmen used a spike trap to stop their car and then launched an assault. Weller and Jane managed to fight the hitmen off. They took Vanya and his mother to the FBI.

Elsewhere in the episode, Roman (Luke Mitchell) contacted Jane to taunt her some more about the baby. He hummed a tune he said she used to sing and it jogged Jane’s memory of it being true. Jane had the FBI try and trace the call. He told her that their mother Shepherd had made her give it up and her highschool boyfriend was the father. He hung up before the call could be traced. Jane told Weller she needed answers from Shepherd.

Patterson spoke to Zapata to tell her that she couldn’t find anything on Stuart’s phone. Zapata suggested they bluff about finding something to try and draw out whoever was covering it up. Patterson agreed.

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They planted fake data from the phone on one of the servers. Patterson got a hit that someone was accessing it. When she investigated the evidence pointed at Reade logging on and deleting the data. Further investigation showed that someone had used Reade’s login from a computer within the FBI when he was out of the office. More analysis revealed that it looked like Director Eleanor Hirst (Mary Stuart Masterson) trying to frame Reade. They took it to Reade but he didn’t want to hear it.

Weitz reported to the team that King Ivan’s brother had been executed and that the region was destabilised. The region wanted the rightful heir, Vanya, back to lead. Weller and Jane spoke to him and he said he wanted to try and make things better for people.

At the end of the episode, Jane decided she didn’t want to find her daughter as it could ruin her life. A flashback to six months earlier revealed what happened in Berlin. Weller was there looking for Jane and found a young girl named Avery who was also looking for her. When he asked her how she knew Jane she told him that Jane was her mother. It looks like Weller is playing a dangerous game keeping secrets from Jane.

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Let us know your thoughts on Blindspot season 3 so far in the comments below.

Blindspot season 3 continues Mondays at 10pm on Sky Living.

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