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Blindspot 3×02 Enemy Bag of Tricks recap

The team battle a dangerous foreign power trying to hijack a satellite.

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The latest episode of Blindspot saw the team adjusting to each other after their time apart.

If you’re not up to date with Blindspot and like to avoid spoilers we suggest you don’t read any further.

The episode opened up with two guys finding someone trespassing on their land. The trespasser refused to leave and revealed he had a whole team of guys with him dressed in camouflage. As the camera panned away his team killed the owners.

At Weller’s (Sullivan Stapleton) apartment, he was up making breakfast and Jane (Jaimie Alexander) joined him shortly after. She revealed that she was now a vegan after spending time living with monks. She saw a pile of unpaid bills and Weller explained how he’d spent all his money trying to track her down. He was optimistic that things would get back to normal quickly now they were both back at work.

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At the FBI, Patterson (Ashley Johnson) was complaining at changes in ‘her’ lab, despite having left to go to Silicon Valley. Weller and Jane arrived and he explained he wanted to crack a particular tattoo, Perseus. Patterson felt it was the wrong approach but he said he had already partially solved it himself.

A flashback to the end of last episode revealed that Roman (Luke Mitchell) was the one who suggested that tattoo. He gave the solution to Weller and said he needed it done the next day or a lot of people would die. He also told him that the new tattoos needed to be solved in a sequence that he would dictate. Weller threatened to skip ahead, figure out his game plan and take Roman down but he replied that it wouldn’t work.

In the lab they worked out that one of the hands of Perseus had an extra finger. They overlaid the tattoo onto a map and the fingers lined up with some lakes. Connecting the rings on the fingers revealed an intersection and adding in the old tattoo from Jane’s same left chest area revealed a search radius.

Weller was raring to go but Reade (Rob Brown) wanted to be more cautious this time around. Weller said waiting could cost people their lives so they went with his plan. The team arrived at the search site at night and Reade was quick to shut them down when they didn’t immediately find anything. Suddenly a satellite crashed down and it had the same code on the side as the rings on the tattoo.

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Before they could take a better look the mercenaries from the start of the episode arrived in a truck and destroyed Weller’s vehicle. They tried to put up a fight but the camouflaged guys also arrived and pinned them down with suppressing fire. Weller had to pull Reade to safety and suggested they survive. The guys in the truck extracted something from the satellite and took off.

Back at the lab, Patterson got to work on the satellite and continued to clash with Stuart (Jordan Johnson-Hinds) who had taken her old job. Reade also found himself clashing with Weller so pulled him in. He was suspicious about how Weller had picked the right tattoo to focus on.

Meanwhile, Roman was off in Sydney to attend some kind of support group. There he met a wealthy former solider called Tom Jakeman (Daniel Lissing) and went to his for drinks. After spending time together bonding, Roman revealed he had targeted him and drugged him with truth serum. Roman killed him and stole his money and identity.

Patterson tracked down the company behind the satellite and brought two of their staff in – Marci Booth (Amy Rutberg) and Nikhil Thakker (Sathya Sridharan). They realised the black box was missing and looked worried. The company belonged to the Department of Defense and the satellite was the control satellite for a missile defense system and the black box could be used to disable it.

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Zapata (Audrey Esparza) spoke to Keaton (Chad Donella) at the CIA who gave them intel that North Korea was priming their nuclear missiles. If the shield was disabled they would be defenseless against them. Reade brought in FBI Director Eleanor Hirst (Mary Stuart Masterson) to brief her on California being the potential target.

While the team worked out what to do next, Stuart had uncovered the mercenaries team taking out the guys at the start of the episode. Jane recognised one of the mercs from her time away, as Dwire Lee (Calvin Dutton), and told them his aliases. Weller wasn’t happy at more secrets.

Patterson tracked Dwire Leedown and they were able to determine where he would be. They raided his hideout and recovered the black box. Reade interrogated Dwire Leeand got nowhere, while he was talking to Hirst, Jane stepped in to try. The evidence pointed towards Nikhil being a mole but they soon realised it was Marci setting him up. She escaped with the black box to try and get it to the North Koreans.

Patterson spoke with Nikhil and they worked out together where Marci would be. On the way to stop her, Weller and Jane realised that Roman had set everything up, including Jane working with Dwire. At the location they found Marci murdered and the black box gone. Patterson detected that the black box was being used by a hacker to disable the satellite network.

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Weller and Jane came under fire and needed to find the black box before the satellites all went offline. Reade and Zapata arrived to help them. The team stopped the hackers before the final two satellites were disabled, saving the US from nuclear attack.

After a debrief from Reade, Weller and Jane headed home. Jane confessed to Weller about the money she had stashed. Elsewhere, Zapata paid a visit to Reade and discovered he had a new girlfriend called Megan (Reshma Shetty).

At the end of the episode, Patterson called Stuart to apologise for how she had treated him. She also called in to his apartment and found the door ajar. Inside she discovered that Stuart had been murdered!

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Blindspot season 3 continues Mondays at 10pm on Sky Living.


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