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Strike Back: Retribution 6×02 recap

The team go after an arms dealer to get to Idrisi.

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After a two-year break, Strike Back returned last week for a sixth series. It’s actually a reboot of sorts due to having a brand new cast. However, it felt instantly familiar and got off to a promising start.

If you’re not up to date with Strike Back: Retribution and like to avoid spoilers we suggest you don’t read any further.

Episode two opened up in Libya, with arms dealer Ives (Trevor Eve) arriving by helicopter with his bodyguards. He was there to do a deal with Omair Idrisi (Don Hany) and Jane Lowry (Katherine Kelly) for 50 Stinger missiles. After getting paid he went back to the helicopter but Idrisi decided to try out one of the new missiles and shot it down.

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Nearby, in Tripoli, Colonel Adeena Donovan (Nina Sosanya) was checking out a video of Lowry promising to wipe out the disease of the West. Donovan was called away to a briefing about Ives and his downed helicopter. She decided to send Section 20 in to extract him. Sergeant Samuel Wyatt (Daniel MacPherson) complained that it was too dangerous but his concerns fell on deaf ears.

Back with Ives he found himself alone and pinned down at the crash site after his men were shot and killed. He tried to offer payment for safe passage but was ignored. Fortunately for Ives, Section 20 arrived on the scene to extract him.

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They wanted information about Idrisi but he pretended he didn’t know him. An incoming Sandstorm grounded their extraction helicopter so they were tasked with finding a way back themselves. They proceeded on foot and began to look for a working car. As they moved through the streets they were spied on by insurgents.

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They came across a kid named Saddam who offered to help, for $20. He led them through the streets right into a trap. The team tried to fortify their location but soon had to fight back. In the crossfire, Saddam took a bullet to the abdomen and died on the spot. Shortly after Ives took one as well and had to be carried out by Sergeant Thomas McAllister (Warren Brown).

They fled to the Libyan National Army base and appealed to the General for help. It was where Wyatt had been held captive but as guests, the General as a Bedouin was obliged to help them for 3 days without questions. Once safely inside, medical attention for Ives was provided and he survived.

Ives wanted immunity and gave up the information on the Stinger missiles. He also revealed he had placed an undetectable tracker on them which he could access via his smartphone. The tracker revealed that Idrisi was in the mountains. The team decided to heat out and left Ives to fend for himself. The General insisted on going with them and brought some of his men to help.

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They infiltrated Idrisi’s compound and soon came across Lowry. Captain Natalie Reynolds (Roxanne McKee) and Lance Corporal Gracie Novin (Alin Sumarwata) were tasked with extracting her. Once outside they discovered that the US military were about to carry out a bunker buster strike on the compound. They had ten minutes to get Wyatt and Mac out safely. Reynolds went back and gave the information about the strike to one of the General’s men.

Elsewhere in the compound, the General found Idrisi. Before the General had chance, Idrisi overpowered him and left him to bleed out.

The girls started to extract Lowry by car but she pretended to choke and it was enough of a distraction to cause a crash and allow her to flee. Reynolds pulled Novin to safety just before their car went up in flames.

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Meanwhile, Mac was hot on the heels of Idrisi. He had him but there was no time before the bunker buster strike. Wyatt saved Mac a dilemma and put some bullets into Idrisi. The pair then had to run to get outside in time. The strike came and destroyed the compound and presumably that’s the end of Idrisi.

Back at base, the team had drinks to celebrate. Donovan announced that she was extending Wyatt’s transfer to Section 20 until they caught Lowry. He agreed.

At the end of the episode, Lowry was tracked to Budapest. She was shown dyeing her hair blonde and burning a photograph of Donovan.

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Let us know your thoughts on Strike Back: Retribution so far in the comments below.

Strike Back: Retribution continues Tuesday at 9pm on Sky 1 and will air in the US on Cinemax in 2018.

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