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MacGyver 1×16 Hook preview

Bozer and Riley try to hack into Jack’s CIA file.

© Guy D'Alema/CBS

On the latest episode of MacGyver, Mac (Lucas Till) and the team investigated the apparent return of a serial killer.

The episode opened up with a girl and her boyfriend taking a picnic at the park in San Francisco. A hooded man approached them and shot them dead.

At the Phoenix Foundation, Matty (Meredith Eaton) called a meeting and asked everyone to go to San Francisco with her due to the killing. They thought it was a murder case for local police until Matty explained that the girl that was killed was Vanessa, her goddaughter. Everyone agreed to help.

They realised that the murder appeared to be the same as some carried out in the 1960’s. Those murders were attributed to a serial killer known as the Zodiac Killer. What they didn’t know is if he had returned or if this was the work of a copycat.

© Guy D’Alema/CBS

Bozer (Justin Hires) was particularly keen on the case as he had done a ton of research into serial killers for his film making hobby. He actually worried Riley (Tristin Mays) a little with his detailed knowledge.

At Vanessa’s house they met her mother and took a look around. While looking around her room Mac noticed something out of the window. Someone had hacked off the branch of a tree right outside her room. This gave a direct line of sight to an abandoned building across the street.

Mac and Jack (George Eads) decided to investigate. Inside they confirmed the view to Vanessa’s room. They heard a noise and found a homeless man creeping around. He gave flight when discovered but Mac grabbed an aerial cable and jumped through the window. He landed on the guy before he escaped.

They confronted him for killing Vanessa but he denied it. Instead he told them about a smoking man who was scary old. He came to the building for weeks to watch Vanessa’s house and his age fitted the Zodiac Killer perfectly.

© Guy D’Alema/CBS

Back in the room, Mac created his own electro-static dust collector. It pulled a boot print off the floor. They sent it to Riley to analyse and she worked out it was a 10½. She was unable to find anything on any nearby security cameras. Bozer realised it was the same boot print as Wing Walker military boots used in the 1960’s.

They headed to a house of someone who had recently bought a pair of those boots. They held a stakeout and discussed how to proceed. Suddenly a man knocked the window of their car and said he had a delivery. He passed them a letter which he said a guy paid him $100 to deliver.

To preserve the evidence, Mac used water on the car engine to create steam to open it. The letter claimed to be from the Zodiac Killer who taunted them. They broke into the house and it felt like something was off. Matty interrogated the man who delivered the letter. She felt he was telling the truth.

As they were leaving, Jack had an idea. He felt everything was staged as it was too perfect. Mac grabbed a wifi router, tin foil, speaker and some other bits and pieces. He made a device that was able to see through walls using sound waves.

© Guy D’Alema/CBS

After identifying a suspect wall they found a book that opened a secret passage. Inside they found a creepy shrine to the Zodiac Killer. It contained press snippets, photos and information. Mac grabbed a laptop and got access to the emails. However they were encrypted using a secret code that the Zodiac Killer used to communicate.

They sent an image of the laptop drive to Riley to investigate. Bozer discovered that the letter was a match to the letters from the original Zodiac Killer. While Riley was working on the laptop emails she was kidnapped and taken to an old cinema.

Bozer found a pile of cigarettes outside where Riley was staying and realised something was up. Inside he found Riley gone and a letter to the team. It requested they stop pursuing him and if they complied he would release Riley.

Her laptop was password protected but Bozer knew what it was. Once logged in they were able to follow the trail of what she was working on. Eventually they worked out where he took Riley.

© Guy D’Alema/CBS

Meanwhile the killer showed Riley his face. Mac and Jack raced to the cinema. The killer pulled a gun on Riley and she kept talking to distract him. She said he was a copycat but not doing everything right.

Mac grabbed some items and built a small bomb. It distracted the killer and he ran off. Mac and Jack freed Riley and they went after him. Riley caught up with him and knocked him out. They removed his hood and it was the homeless man from the abandoned house.

At the end of the episode, Matty thanked everyone and told Mac that he had made a miracle happen. Jack had to call a buddy in Hawaii which must be the beginning of the planned Hawaii Five-0 cross-over episode.

The next episode is Hook, the official synopsis for the episode reads:

While tracking down the dangerous fugitive Aaron Deckard (Anthony DiRocco), Mac and Jack face the notorious Colton family of bounty hunters who already kidnapped their mark. Now, using a hook and a car cable, Mac must extract the criminal from the Colton’s, who are unaware of the deadly situation they’re in. Also, Bozer and Riley try to hack into Jack’s CIA file to find out about his history with Matty.

Tune in to Sky 1 at 8pm Wednesday to see the episode. Preview it with our gallery below:


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