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Lethal Weapon 1×11 Lawmen preview

Murtaugh and Riggs are pitted against the LA Sheriff’s department.

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On the latest episode of Lethal Weapon, Riggs (Clayne Crawford) and Murtaugh’s (Damon Wayans) latest case involved the murder of a designer drug dealer.

The episode opened up with a silent rave where all the participants wore wireless headphones to hear the music. A drug dealer named Adam was walking around handing out pills before heading outside. He was followed by some Korean gangsters who shot and killed him in the street.

In the Murtaugh household, Trish (Keesha Sharp) wondered why they hadn’t seen Riggs in a while. She demanded he come over for dinner and was concerned that Roger was worrying too much about Riggs.

RJ was having problems finding a girl to take to the dance. He’d asked a girl via text and hadn’t heard back. Roger said he needed to ask in person to get a proper result.

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Murtaugh was called to the murder in Koreatown and called to pick up Riggs. On the way Murtaugh ranted about RJ and asked what Riggs did at the weekend. He replied that he’d done absolutely nothing which Murtaugh couldn’t believe. Murtaugh extended Trish’s invitation to dinner and Riggs said he would think about it.

At the murder scene they followed a blood trail an found the silent rave. They found some of the pills and spoke to the DJ who explained what was going on. Riggs grabbed some headphones to see what they were listening to and found he liked it. Roger questioned the pills and the DJ explained that the pills only contained legal substances.

The DJ told them that the chemist behind the pills was called Owlsly. She spoke of a disagreement between Adam and Owlsly. She also explained that Owlsly was ‘super underground’.

At the morgue, Scorsese (Johnathan Fernandez) was singing the praises of the chemist. He had analysed the drugs and even been trying them. He confirmed that they were completely legal and was in awe. Scorsese had also been able to track Owlsly down and passed on an address.

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Riggs had a session with Cahill (Jordana Brewster). She noticed that he was eating her salad and he apologised but explained he hadn’t eaten for a couple of days. He told her that Murtaugh seemed worried about how he spent his free time. She told him he was showing signs of clinical depression which he denied.

Riggs and Murtaugh then paid a visit to the address from Scorsese where they discovered a woman. She said she had never heard of Owlsly but they noticed her apartment was full of owl pictures and statues. They proposed that she was Owlsly and she confessed. She let them inside and said she hadn’t left her apartment for three years.

They asked her about the disagreement with Adam and she told them she had seen him being threatened by the Koreans at the rave via a live web feed. They tried to take her down the station and discovered she suffered badly from agoraphobia.

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They didn’t get far when some Koreans in a blue Subaru drove past and tried to shoot them. Owlsly ran back to her apartment.

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Back at the precinct, Captain Avery (Kevin Rahm) announced he had a detective named Henry Cho (Chin Han) who would help them. Riggs and Murtaugh expressed some concerns at a third person joining them. Cho told them some of his special knowledge and they changed their minds when he mentioned BBQ hotspots.

Riggs went to see Owlsly with the suspect photos while Murtaugh and Cho went to follow a lead at a club. Murtaugh and Cho seemed to bond easily which Roger found refreshing and wondered why things were so much easier than with Riggs. Riggs spoke with Owlsly and she identified a man called Kang.

At the club Murtaugh and Cho ate lunch and chatted. Cho’s source was a waitress there and pointed out Kang to them. Cho suggested waiting for backup, something Riggs would never do. Murtaugh complained at Riggs not keeping in touch but then he arrived. He caused a bit of a scene and a shootout broke out while Kang fled.

Later, Riggs went to the Murtaugh’s for dinner. He discovered that Trish had invited a female friend and he realised that they were trying to play matchmaker. This upset him so he apologised and left.

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Bailey (Michelle Mitchenor) had information on threats to the DJ and Owlsly. Murtaugh and Cho went to the DJ and found her badly beaten. Riggs found Owlsly’s apartment trashed and found her hiding in a hole under the floor. She gave him a long hug where she placed her hand on his neck.

Shortly after Riggs felt strange and Owlsly admitted to drugging him through touch. He struggled to walk and fell down while she ran off. He managed to get outside and saw her being put into the Subaru from earlier.

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Riggs, with no thought for his own safety managed to jump onto the car roof. Inside the car, Owlsly gave the gangsters money but they wanted more. On the other side of the road Cho and Murtaugh were driving by and saw Riggs smiling his head off on the Subaru. The Koreans slammed the breaks and he fell off and was picked up by Murtaugh.

They gave pursuit and Roger managed to shoot out a tyre causing the Subaru to flip. Owlsly escaped the wreckage and stumbled away. Riggs caught up with her and she explained that she had taken some drugs to end her life. She said not to call for help as it was too late. She passed away in his arms.

© Warner Bros

Later, Cho suggested he be Murtaugh’s new partner but he turned him down. Riggs turned up to see Trish with a bottle of apology wine. RJ had followed his father’s advice and since asking a girl to the dance he had several asking him.

At the end of the episode, Riggs took himself to the silent rave and sat quietly just enjoying the music.

Watch the trailer for Lethal Weapon 1×11 Lawmen below:


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The official synopsis for Lethal Weapon 1×11 Lawmen reads:

Murtaugh and Riggs are pitted against the LA Sheriff’s department when the killing of a Texas Ranger leads them to believe a possible misuse of power is at play. Just as the partners are sure they’ve found their culprit, the case becomes even more complicated when a dark secret is dug up from Captain Avery’s past.

Tune in to ITV at 9pm Friday to see the episode. Preview it with our gallery below:

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