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Ex On the Beach season 6 episode 9 preview

Tonight Ex On The Beach fans are in for a treat as temperatures continue to rise and the villa  welcomes even more exes. On the 9th episode Harriette flips out at Jack, one of Josh’s ex’s arrives and Becca tips over the edge because of how jealous she got.

At the beach this week are, Aaron, Harriette and Josh, who wait anxiously to see whose ex is next! Harriette seems to think no one can break what her and Ross now have, Aaron is worrying it might be his ex, whilst Josh is hoping it is one of Aaron’s “rocket exes” so he can finally sleep with someone! To Josh’s surprise, it’s his ex Jenny! Josh seems to be relieved, as there is no animosity between the two and says: “It could have been ten times worse”. As Jenny is welcomed to the beach, the Tablet of Terror chimes again and sends Aaron and Jenny on a beer pong date.

During their date, both Aaron and Jenny confirm they’re single and have no loyalties to either Josh or Becca – it seems they’re both interested in each other! After a little flirting, the two end the date with a cheeky kiss before heading back to the villa.

Back at the villa, the housemates give themselves super hero nicknames and Josh gives Becca “the ultimate c*ck blocker” as they all talk about Aaron and Jenny being on a date together.

Watch a clip of Aaron and Jenny below:

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Ex On The Beach series 6 continues tonight on MTV at 10pm.

Sarah Bargiela
Sarah Bargiela
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