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Ex On The Beach season 6 episode 7 preview

Ex On The Beach season six will continue tonight as the participants are greeted by a brand new arrival, who is going to rock Nicole’s life upside down! If you watched last week then you’ll know that Nicole got back together with her ex Jaques last week after he promised that he’d never cheated on her after all. Nicole didn’t need a lot of convincing and ended up back in Jaques arms.

Last week Becca and Aaron also came to blows as Aaron told Becca he would get on top of every woman in the villa, which prompted Zaralena to declare that she was out of reach for Aaron from now on. Becca takes this as her queue to get to bed with Jack…

So where does this leave us? Well I have been waiting all week to find out what happened to the singletons and episode seven does not disappoint. As the following day starts, Aaron finds out about Becca and Jake and tells her that she can’t tell him what to do, of course this makes Becca flip out and storm off. Later that day the tablet of terror decides to send the singletons on a boat party to relieve some tension.

One arrival that is set to create tension rather than relieve it, is Frankie’s, the girl Jaques supposedly cheated on Nicole with in Ibiza. Jaques is still adamant he didn’t cheat but Frankie wants him to come clean, things are about to turn ugly.

Watch the gang play ‘would you rather’:

Get to know Jaques:

And this week you’ll meet Frankie:

Ex on The Beach continues tonight on MTV at 10pm.

Sarah Bargiela
Sarah Bargiela
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