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‘Ex on the Beach Couples’ launches in February – meet the couples

Ex on the Beach‘ is expanding with the launch of ‘Ex on the Beach Couples’, coming to MTV on 21st February 2023 at 10pm and Paramount+ UK on 22nd February.

Hosted by relationship expert and TV host Kamie Crawford the series follows six couples ready to get engaged but there is one thing holding them back from taking that next big step – their ever-present, ever-lingering EX.

Through a series of intense challenges to their relationship and strength building exercises, the couples will decide if they can finally move on from their ex and achieve their happily ever after. In a dramatic finale the couples will choose to make the ultimate commitment to their partner and get engaged or split up and go their separate ways forever.

Meet the Couples

Ben (AUS) + Jade (AUS)

Ex on the Beach Couples - Ben and Jade
Credit: MTV / ITV Netherlands

Ben is a motivated business owner with many goals for his future, including to take his serious relationship with Jade to the next level, get engaged and prove that he will be a devoted man to her. The pair have already started saving for a house and have been talking about starting a family together. However, Jade’s jealousy about Ben’s most recent ex Kellie has thrown a major wrench in their relationship.

Jamie (UK) + Thailah (UK)

Ex on the Beach Couples - Thailah and Jamie
Credit: MTV / ITV Netherlands

Jamie, aka J Dragon, first met fellow DJ Thailah at a party and instantly knew she was the one. Their relationship became intense quickly and they eventually moved in with one another. While everything was seemingly on a high note, Jamie then asked Thailah to be in an open relationship. That decision brought up a lot of jealousy because Jamie thinks that Thailah is too flirtatious. Charlie, Thailah’s ex, doesn’t believe that she wants to be in an open relationship and hopes to be the one that saves the day for Thailah.

Jake (AUS) + Holly (AUS)

Ex on the Beach Couples - Jake and Holly
Credit: MTV / ITV Netherlands

Ever since Holly met Jake in 2018, she’s been there through all the ups and downs after his near-death motorcycle accident. Four years into their relationship, Holly feels frustrated that Jake still won’t talk about taking the next step. She attributes Jake’s resistance to his past relationship with his ex-Pala. Holly has shown how committed she is to Jake and needs him to show his commitment to her by healing the wounds of his previous relationship.

Liam (UK) + Leylah (UK)

Ex on the Beach Couples - Liam and Leylah
Credit: MTV / ITV Netherlands

Liam is a serious and dedicated boxer and spends most of his time training and prepping for his fights. When he’s not in the ring he’s thinking about putting a ring on Leylah’s finger but their relationship can’t seem to progress to the next level because Liam thinks Leylah still has feelings for her ex, Samura. Liam is heading to the beach to show Leylah that Samura is the wrong man and that Liam is truly the one for her. 

Sorinn (USA) + Lola (USA)

Ex on the Beach Couples - Sorinn and Lola
Credit: MTV / ITV Netherlands

Sorinn is an artist who found his muse in Lola but jealousy and insecurity has prevented him from making the ultimate commitment to her. Lola’s past relationship with her ex Christopher is a huge cause of these issues which are compounded by Sorinn’s struggle to talk about it. With Christopher in the villa, hopefully Sorrin can put his insecurities at ease and start his picture-perfect future with Lola. 

Spari (USA) + Shayla (USA)

Ex on the Beach Couples - Shayla and Spari
Credit: MTV / ITV Netherlands

Spari is an up-and-coming music producer who often finds himself collaborating with other artists and producers. When he met Shayla, he instantly knew she was the one and was ready to get engaged. However, the one thing holding them back is Spari’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend Ri. Although their relationship ended, Ri is a musician and the two have continued to work together, which has caused some serious trust issues between Shayla and Spari. Spari wants to prove the relationship is strictly professional and move on with Shayla as his future wife.

Previous seasons of ‘Ex on the Beach’ are available to stream on Paramount+.

Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
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