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Dragon Ball Fusions battle gameplay shown in new video

Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe have released a new gameplay video for Dragon Ball Fusions looking at the Battle System. You can view the video at the bottom of this article.

First, the Attack Triangle – Speed beats Power, Power beats Technique and Technique beats Speed – will help you to choose how best to strike your target with different Standard, Ki and Special Attacks. Then the Timeline, at the bottom of the screen; this shows you the next character who will get to perform an action.

If this character takes damage, they will move slightly left, back along the line, and another character may take their place. It’s then time to pull out all the stops with team combos and chain reactions. But attacks alone won’t win the fight, you also have to defend yourself. Guess where your enemies will strike to block them and reduce the incoming damage.

Dragon Ball Fusions will be coming to Europe on 17th February 2017 exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS handheld system.

Watch the Dragon Ball Fusions battle gameplay video below:

[brid video=”111150″ player=”531″ title=”Dragon Ball Fusions 3DS Battle Gameplay (English)”]


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