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Emmerdale Spoilers: Aaron tells Chas that Gordon sexually abused him

Welcome to our weekly look at what’s happening in the Dales this week.

Chas gets some devastating news, Emma schemes and Jimmy and Nicola have a realization.

Read on to find out what’s in store in Emmerdale this week…

Aaron tells Chas that Gordon sexually abused him

Aaron is suspicious when he sees the For Sale sign being taken down at the pub and questions Chas, assuming she’s gotten the money from Gordon.  He won’t believe her when she tells him that she’s not seeing Gordon any more and he pushes her too far;  Chas tells him to move out.

The atmosphere between them is palpable and Cain confesses to Chas that he caught Aaron self-harming, which sends her to confront Robert thinking that he’s to blame.  However, he tells her he can’t betray Aaron’s trust and urges her to talk to him directly.  Worried for her son, Chas apologises to Aaron and insists they go on a day trip together, hoping that he will open up to her.

The pair take a trip down memory lane as they go to the seaside where Chas took Aaron as a child.  Suddenly, Aaron’s mood changes and he clams up despite Chas’ best efforts to get him to talk.  Back home he blurts out that Gordon raped him.  Chas is dumbfounded as an emotional Aaron relives the painful memories.

Gordon Livesy & Chas Dingle, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Chas wants Aaron to go to the police, but he can’t face everyone knowing so she decides to tackle Gordon herself.  She arranges to see him under another pretence, but breaks down as she confronts him about Aaron.  As Gordon tries to look horrified, Chas is adamant that Aaron wouldn’t make this up.  Soon Gordon is giving his side and his opinion of the accusations.  Will he manage to persuade Chas of his innocence?

Emma secretly hides Noah, leaving Moira to think he’s still missing

Emma Barton & Moira Dingle, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Moira feels guilty when she tells Cain that Noah has gone.  Emma feigns shock when Moira tells her that Noah is missing, despite the fact that she is secretly hiding him at the B&B.  Later, Cain warns Emma that Charity won’t let her anywhere near baby Moses when she gets out of prison and is surprised that Emma doesn’t argue.  Unbeknownst to him and Moira she has a plan and is soon at the prison visiting Charity.  She puts a proposition to Charity, telling her that she wants Ross to have custody and his name on the birth certificate.  Just what is in it for Charity though?

Moira then gets a visiting order from Charity asking her to bring in Noah and she uses it to warn Charity from making a play for Cain, but is thrown when Charity mentions Moira’s kiss with Pete.  Later Cain and Moira put on a united front regarding Charity but will it work?

It looks like Emma’s plan has worked as Rakesh gives Ross forms to sign to get him on Moses’ birth certificate.  As Emma goes to visit Charity once more she begins to worry if she’s bitten off more than she can chew when Charity says Emma could be useful when she needs a favour.

Nicola and Jimmy decide to swap roles

Nicola & Jimmy King, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Jimmy is given parental responsibility from Juliette for Carl and he’s touched when Nicola suggests she quit work to look after all the kids.  Nicola puts on a brave face as she resigns from Home Farm to become a full time mum but how long before she’s bored of staying at home?

Jimmy is worried when Rakesh says that Charity has asked him to review the business accounts and fobs him off.  Nicola wants to know what Jimmy is playing at and is shocked to learn Jimmy hasn’t done the books since Charity went to prison.

Jimmy pulls an all-nighter to get the books ready for Rakesh and Nicola steps in to offer to look them over whilst he minds the kids.   Soon they realise that they need to swap roles;  both are thrilled by the idea of Jimmy being a full time dad!


Eric Pollard, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Carly and Tracy organize a wine tasting event, but worried about a shortage, Tracy calls Duncan, the guy they blackmailed recently.  Meanwhile, Eric Pollard is determined to win a B&B Award to honour Val’s memory.  Needing money, it seems he may have got himself mixed up in Tracy and Carly’s business when Trading Standards arrive at the B&B.

Dan and Kerry ‘make up’ but little do they know that the webcam was left on!

Pete receives a six month sentence, much to Moira’s relief.

Rakesh is hurt when Kirin brags about how good Rishi has been, but Kirin is clearly not coping with a crying Johnny.


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