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BeeLine navigates its way to Kickstarter

BeeLine is a new navigation device that aims to changes the way cyclists navigate their city. It achieves this by informing and updating riders of the direct distance and direction to their chosen destination. The handlebar mounted bluetooth device uses the rider’s phone to enable the smart compass functionality of BeeLine. While most navigation devices now use turn-by-turn GPS navigation, BeeLine hopes to let cyclists rediscover the fun of cycling by picking their own path.

One BeeLine device will be available to early backers from £30, representing a 50% discount from the eventual recommended retail price. The BeeLine’s affordable price point is made possible by removing the need for a GPS antenna and instead pairing BeeLine with a smartphone. Riders can use the BeeLine app, for iPhone and Android, to set their destination and any waypoints with a simple drag and drop. Once the destination has been selected, riders can put their phones away and BeeLine will guide them from start to finish.

[quote by=”Mark Jenner, co-founder of BeeLine”]Many of us can relate to journeys when we start cycling, only to stop a few minutes later to check the map on our phone. We felt this stop-start style of journey, following strict directions, was taking the fun out of cycling and one of the main reasons we started getting around the city on our bikes – the freedom. We wanted to create a device, that guided us, but still put us in control of our journey and encouraged us to find new and interesting routes.[/quote]

BeeLine is cased in ABS plastic and secured to the handlebar by a silicone strap. The device folds away neatly after use and can be easily attached to a keyring or a bag. Built with versatility in mind, urban explorers will be able to contribute and expand on BeeLine’s uses, with the creators planning to involve their existing user base in the development of future features.

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[quote by=”Tom Putnam, co-founder of BeeLine”]We have worked very hard on the design to ensure BeeLine slots seamlessly into a cyclist’s lifestyle. We’ve been working with an industrial design agency and electronic engineers to get BeeLine to where it is today, and now we’re launching on Kickstarter to raise funds to go into mass production. We are very excited to be bringing BeeLine to the Kickstarter community.[/quote]

BeeLine is comprised of an e-paper screen that gives you clear, crisp information in all light conditions – plus there’s a backlight for night riding. Further within the device is a Bluetooth receiver to talk to the phone, and a magnetometer, accelerometer, and gyroscope to keep you on the right track. BeeLine is also fully waterproof and will last for up to four weeks of normal use before needing a recharge.

BeeLine is available to back on Kickstarter now from £30, and will ship to backers by Summer 2016.

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