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Emmerdale Spoilers: Wedding Day Carnage

It’s a big week in Emmerdale as it’s one of their famous ‘stunt’ weeks and oh boy is it a biggie.  Read on to find out more…

Cain tries to keep Ross away from the wedding

Ross Barton, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Pete is suspicious when Ross offers to help with the wedding and when he turns up at Pete’s ‘Cowboy’ themed stag do, Cain and Finn are both on edge wondering what he’s up to.  It’s not long before Ross’ temper is starting to rise, but it takes the hen party arriving at the pub for him and Pete to have a heated argument which leads to Ross confessing he is Moses’ father.

Debbie is anxious that Ross will try to ruin the wedding so begs Cain for his help and he willingly accepts the challenge.  Meanwhile, at the church Ross takes out a memory stick, which should have contained the ceremonial music but when he tests it, Debbie’s voice echoes round the church, revealing her confession to him, how she was going to give up everything for Ross. He presses stop, and smiles with bitter delight, the stage now set for their affair to be exposed.

Later, Cain makes Ross an offer, but before he has time to reject it, Cain has whacked him over the head and knocked him unconscious.  After many hours pass, Ross awakens to find himself trapped in the back of a van in a precarious situation.  Will he manage to get out in time to get to the wedding?

Chrissie torches Robert’s car

Robert Sugden, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Lawrence searches for his mislaid pills but is pleased to finally find them. Later, Chrissie’s confused by his behaviour when he shows up at Debbie’s hen do unsteady on his feet. Lawrence dances with Bernice but loses his balance and drops her. Chrissie’s concerned and gets him home. Elsewhere, an edgy Lachlan phones the police and reports someone’s tampered with Lawrence’s medication, knowing the blame will be put on Robert, but will it work?

Bernice Blackstock & Lawrence White, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

When Chrissie finds out it what Lachlan has done she’s chilled, but it seems she’s not the only one who heard his confession as Robert tries to use it as leverage.  Chrissie loses it as the pair argue and sets light to Robert’s car.  As he desperately tackles the fire, thinking he’s put it out he carries on pleading with Chrissie. He does not realise the un-extinguished fire is creeping closer to some gas canisters that stand next to a car which Adam’s asleep in…

Wedding Day Carnage

Debbie Dingle & Pete Barton, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

It’s the day of the wedding and tensions are high.  Finn’s doing some final preparations in the church when he clicks play on the sound system and hears Ross’ damning recording. He quickly stops it and wonders if he should leave it or not… Soon everyone is at the church preparing for the ceremony to start when Debbie intercepts an arriving Cain, urgently warning him she thinks Finn is going to do something. The music begins to play as Debbie and Cain walk down the aisle arm in arm. Debbie beams at Pete, relieved she seems to have managed to avoid disaster. The congregation flood out into the village. Where Rodney has organised a small fair, helter-skelter, carousel etc. There are smiles all round but unbeknownst to Cain, he accidentally knocks Debbie’s breakup letter addressed to Pete out of his pocket onto the floor. Sarah, helpfully picks it up and puts it on the pile of cards addressed to the happy couple.  Pete proudly tells bride Debbie he’s booked a surprise helicopter to whisk them away.  It looks like the wedding will pass without a hitch after all.

Nah, of course not!  First off, Debbie looks on in horror as Pete opens the letter, but there’s no time to react as Robert’s car fire burns out of control causing a stack of gas canisters to explode just as the helicopter is coming to land.  A terrified Dan runs into the village hall shouting for everyone to get out, but it’s too late.  The helicopter crashes into the village hall causing carnage.

Helicopter Crash, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

It’s eerily quiet, as the dust settles on the wedding reception. The village has changed forever. James and Emma sprint through the village to the site of the disaster. It’s chaos as the emergency services are contacted. Meanwhile, at the scrap yard, Adam has woken to find the car he’s been sleeping in, is alight with a fire raging.

Emotions run high inside the hospital as visitors gather round one of the injured. Unbeknownst to everybody, outside the hospital, another resident is bundling the body of a lifeless villager into the boot of a car.  Villagers are still in danger whilst others place themselves back in harms way.

Who will survive and who will we be saying goodbye to?  That’s information the producers are keeping tight lipped about so we’ll just have to tune in for what is set to be a very dramatic week in Emmerdale.






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