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Cities: Skylines Mod Masterclass tonight on Twitch

Cities: Skylines has found huge success since its launch. In particular it has attracted a huge following from mod makers who have created an incredible 33,000 Mods in just over a month. These are available for other players to try out via the Steam Workshop.

Colossal Order, the development team behind Paradox Interactive’s city building game, are dedicated to helping players enhance their mod making skills.

Mods have become hugely important to gaming allowing players to modify things, add new content or even completely change the game. It could be argued that some games might not be as big as they are today if they hadn’t allowed player created Mods.

Tonight (May 27th) they will host an interactive How To Masterclass on Twitch. The aim is to pass on their expert knowledge to players that they can use in making their own mods for the game. The How To Masterclass will take place at 7PM GMT on the Paradox Interactive Twitch channel.

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