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Emmerdale Spoilers: Aaron & Chas both in danger

Welcome to our look at the week ahead in Emmerdale and this week it seems both mother and son are in trouble…

Aaron & Chas both in danger

Aaron is enjoying rekindling his romance with Robert with Chrissie away, but Robert is suspicious about the amount of running he’s doing.  When Aaron learns that Chrissie will be returning he pushes himself even harder on the exercise front and is soon exhausted and alone in a remote area.  Staggering around he suddenly falls down a steep embankment, landing hard and unconscious.

Aaron Livesy, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

When Chas realises that Aaron didn’t stay at Adam’s (as he’d told her) she goes straight to Robert, suspicious that the pair are back together.  The pair set off to look for him, with Robert raging that Chas managed to get the truth out of him and when she tells him that she’s going to reveal all to Chrissie, he picks up a rock and follows behind Chas.  Will he be responsible for another death to keep his secret?

It seems he can’t go through with it himself on this occasion, but still panicked he makes a phone call to a very shady contact explaining he has someone he needs to get rid of.  Later, Chas tells Robert that she’ll keep quiet for Aaron’s sake leaving Robert trying to retract his instructions, but unable to get hold of his shady pal.

Will either mother or son make it through the week alive?

Laurel steals alcohol from the Village Hall

With her puking, drunken display last week at Dan’s party, then leaving Leo alone at his house, Laurel has got many people worried including her ex-husband Ashley and ex-painkiller addict Rhona.  When Laurel walks in on the latter airing her concerns to Marlon, she flies off the handle and in a desperate need for a drink, breaks in to the Village Hall to steal some booze from the tombola stand.  Marlon and Ashley soon discover the break in and find the culprit very much worse for wear and worry that she may well be a full blown alcoholic.

The next day, Laurel cannot recall the events of the previous night and squirms when questioned by Marlon.  She suggests a few days away, leaving Marlon with a dilemma as he worries it may already be out of his grasp to help his wife.

Alicia and Lachlan face each other outside court

Alicia, Jacob & David Metcalfe, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

The week of Lachlan’s court appearance has arrived.  David offers to accompany Alicia, but she just wants it to be all over with.  Outside the court she comes face-to-face with Lachlan and is left trying to put a brave face on it after what he says to her.

When she tells David and Leyla what was said, David struggles to contain his anger and is worried about Alicia’s state of mind.  Clearly in a distressed state Alicia loses it when Jacob receives an overly suggestive and sexy email and makes a rash decision.

It seems Alicia is considering moving away for a fresh start, which sends a furious Jacob to Home Farm, but what does he intend to do when he gets there?



James & Emma Barton, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

Debbie is suspicious at the Fun Run as to why Emma is taking part and later sees James carrying her, as she’s injured, and warns her about making a play for him.

Rachel struggles with the Dingles when Sam goes to visit Charity and keeps it from her at the request of Lisa.

Is Carly playing Bob for a fool?  After taking his money to pay off her ex-fiancé, it looks like she’s planning a flight instead.

Will Rishi finally tell Georgia just how he’s feeling about her?

Finn tells James that Darren won’t stop texting him.

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