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Emmerdale Spoilers: Andy can’t go on without Katie

Tensions are high and several characters are reaching breaking point as Katie’s funeral looms large.  Read on to find out what to expect from Emmerdale this week.

Andy can’t go on without Katie

Still unwillingly to discuss Katie’s funeral, Andy has Diane concerned and Robert feeling guilty as he is asked to plan the funeral to help Andy out.  Andy manages to make a heart-wrenching return to Wylie’s farm where he found his beloved lying dead just over a week ago.  Robert accompanies him, but soon leaves, unable to deal with the guilty secret he’s keeping.

Andy tells Chas and Diane that he can’t go to Katie’s funeral with Debbie’s attempts to talk him round falling on deaf ears.  Can Moira’s heart-to-heart with him about moving on change his mind?  She does have fairly recent history of losing a loved when John died in a car crash.  It seems that her words strike a chord with Andy, but not necessarily in the way she intended.

As the day of the funeral arrives, Aaron’s plans to avoid going are scuppered when he realises he needs to be there for his mum.  A fit of honesty takes hold and he tells Robert that they should tell the truth about what happened at Wylie’s Farm the day Katie died.  It’s all too much for Aaron and he has to hurry out of the funeral and later snaps at Robert at Katie’s wake.  Is his behaviour making people suspicious?

Meanwhile, Andy has decided life without Katie is not worth living and grabs a bottle of whisky and screeches out of the pub car park in his jeep.  Aaron and Robert see him drive off and worried that he’s not in a good mental state, they give chase.  Andy makes his way to the local quarry where he stops the car perilously close to the edge of the precipice.  Will Aaron and Robert make it in time to stop him doing something stupid?

Moira hunts the scrapyard saboteur

Moira Barton & Val Pollard
Credit: ITV

After the mishap last week, Moira is suspicious of foul play and determined to help Adam, she confronts Val thinking that she is the culprit.  Val has been quite vocal about her dislike of having a scrapyard so close to her B&B.  However, after talking to Val, Moira soon begins to wonder if Emma is the more likely suspect.

Adam decides to question Emma outright, also telling her to stay away from him and his family.  Emma denies that it was her who swapped the signs on the cars at the scrapyard, and walks off with a sly grin on her face.

Has Laurel got a drink problem?

Laurel Dingle
Credit: ITV

Marlon’s Valentine gift to Laurel is alcohol, much to her surprise.  Next day, she has one too many in the pub and is called by Jai demanding to know why she’s not at work,  so she rushes to the factory.  When she arrives, she stupidly makes a comment about Archie resulting in an instant dismissal from Jai.  How is she going to explain this to Marlon?

At home she’s tempted by some vodka, but decides that she needs to turn things around.  She heads to see Jai and tries unsuccessfully to apologise.  Encouraged by Marlon being so supportive, Laurel applies for a job at the local college and is thrilled to be invited for an interview.

To calm her nerves before the interview, Laurel knocks back some vodka, but could the drink jeopardise her chances or even stop her making it to the interview?  With bills mounting and Marlon counting the pennies, how is she going to turn the situation around and is she being honest with Marlon?


Alicia & David Metcalfe
Credit: ITV

It’s Valentine’s Day and Alicia eagerly awaits her gift from David, but the flowers he ordered never arrive as Lachlan gave a fake address.  Is he also responsible for the card and CD that Alicia does receive?

Kirin manages to irritate Jai on his first day working at the factory, all part of his and Priya’s plan.

Cain is considering taking Noah to see Charity in prison, but Debbie’s not sure it’s a good idea.

When Pearl sees that Sandy has won a stash of cash betting, she gets tempted to have a gamble with Katie’s vet bill money that she’s still not owned up to having.


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