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10 terrible decisions made by the women of Mistresses

We take a look at the worst decisions the characters made in season 2.


Mistresses is definitely our guilty pleasure and with the show reaching the end of its second season last night on TLC in the UK, we don’t know what we’re going to do with our Wednesday evenings.

If you don’t want any spoilers from the second season of Mistresses we suggest you stop reading now.

As much as we love Mistresses, we sometimes regularly find ourselves shouting at the screen when the ladies make absolutely terrible decisions. For a group of smart women, they sure do make some god awful decisions on a weekly basis don’t they?

We’ve compiled our list of the Top 10 worst decisions made by Savi (Alyssa Milano), Joss (Jes Macallan), Karen (Yunjin Kim) and April (Rochelle Aytes) over the course of the show’s second season. There may also be a couple in there from the men too who make just as terrible decisions as the women at times.

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Keep reading to find out which ones made the cut…

10. Harry sleeping with Greta

Mistresses - Harry & Greta

Credit: ABC

This is perhaps one of the most forgivable terrible decisions on the list to be fair. At least Harry (Brett Tucker) was channelling his anger at Joss by getting into bed with Greta (Helena Mattsson) but sleeping with the boss is never a good idea. Especially when said boss nearly opened a restaurant with inedible food. Doh!

9. Savi deciding that after all she does love Harry

Mistresses - Savi

Credit: ABC

Seriously Savi? When she decided that her friendship with Zack (Jason Gerhardt) – we’ll get onto that later – had made her realise she loved her ex-husband Harry we wanted to take her to one side and slap her. Has she not put the poor man through enough pain and torture in two seasons?

8. Joss getting serious with Scott in the first place

Mistresses - Scott and Joss

Credit: ABC

Hands up who thought this was ever going to work? Joss isn’t known for her love of commitment and Scott (Justin Hartley) definitely fell on the wrong side of creepy with his shoe fetish. As soon as things started moving fast we knew it was all doomed.

7. April finding out that Daniel is married and continuing an affair anyway

Mistresses - Daniel

Credit: ABC

Fair enough April has been dealt a bad hand in life and Daniel (Ricky Whittle) is dreamy but for someone who once preached about how immoral it was to be a mistress, April threw all that in the bin for a hunky piece of ass. Part of us doesn’t blame her but part of us shook our head for a very long time.

6. April finding out that Daniel is married, working for the FBI to catch her estranged husband and still continuing her affair anyway

Mistresses - April and Daniel

Credit: ABC

Being a mistress clearly wasn’t enough for April. After that reveal April then found out her whole relationship with Daniel had been a sham as he was really working for the FBI to catch her no-good back from the dead ex-husband Paul (Dondre Whitfield). What did she do about it? Went to a remote cabin with Daniel and her daughter Lucy (Corinne Massiah) and enjoyed sexy time by the fireplace. Good work April. Good work.

5. Dom sleeping with Toni

Mistresses - Dom and Toni

Credit: ABC

Dom (Jason George) sleeping with overtly sexual Toni (Rebeka Montoya) seemed a given, especially when he took a break from Savi. Surely though somewhere in his brain Dom might have wondered if sleeping with two of his staff would be a good idea, especially when he already knew Toni was a little minx. We didn’t feel sorry for him at all when she screwed him over (literally).

4. Savi keeping her friendship with Zack a secret

Mistresses - Savi and Zack

Credit: ABC

Talk about not learning your lesson Savi. As if cheating on your husband wasn’t enough in season 1, you go and emotionally cheat on Dom, the man you left your husband for. Having secret meet-ups with a man who isn’t the one who shares your bed is bad and Savi learned that lesson (again!) the hard way (again!).

3. April not telling Lucy that Paul is alive

Mistresses - April and Lucy

Credit: ABC

This one really put us in a tight spot if we’re being honest. On one hand we can absolutely understand why April didn’t want her daughter to know about her no-good father but on the other she should have known it would bite her in the ass eventually. Well in the season 2 finale it did bite her in the ass when Lucy found out her dad had been alive all this time but now he was definitely dead (or is he? This is Mistresses after all). We think the mother daughter bond may be well and truly screwed in season 3.

2. Joss agreeing to marry Scott despite having feelings for Harry

Mistresses - Harry and Joss

Credit: ABC

We’ve already established that Joss getting together with Scott was a terrible decision on her part but agreeing to marry him whilst at their engagement party was really stupid. She didn’t go through with it and instead had a makeout session with half-naked Harry on the beach but still it’s a bit cruel to put creepy Scott through the drama isn’t it?

1. Every decision made by Karen in the entire season

Mistresses - Karen

Credit: ABC

You may have noticed that Karen hasn’t appeared on the list up until this point. There’s a very good reason for that – every single decision she makes is absolutely terrible. We thought her decision making in season 1 was bad but in season 2 she really, really excelled herself. Where do we start? First there was the sleeping around and nearly contracting HIV, there was the weird and very unprofessional relationship she formed with patient Anna (Catherine Kim), and there was the moment she could have had a nice life with Jacob (Matthew Del Negro) in Boston but she said no! We think Karen would do well to start afresh somewhere new or seek therapy for herself to educate her about the value of making good life decisions. We fear Karen may be a lost cause.

Mistresses returns for a third season to TLC in 2015.


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