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Ghost Stories review

Ghost Stories. The title and poster for the show was enough to pique our interest, to see if the show really is as terrifying as it is advertised. Those of a nervous disposition are encouraged to stay away! What are you most afraid of? It is probably answered in the first five minutes of the show, or was it? What shocks you? What scares you and makes you frightened enough to stay awake at night? Was that really the neighbour making that noise, is it a figure of your imagination, or the unexplained? A lot of mystery reveals itself, by the super narrator and actor, who takes us along on this ghoulish journey, from beginning to end, his acting is compelling to watch and his tone has the right amount of entertainment, coupled with unexpected moments, do not take your eye of the ball for a second!

The evening begins with parapsychologist narrating three stories which, through his long twenty years of being exposed to ghost stories, keep him perplexed and scratching his head. Do you believe in ghosts? It’s the emphasis on the photographs and stories that we are told are real only adds to the drama and tension. The three ghost stories which have him baffled are what we witness on stage. Three very different types of ghouls are displayed. It would be a shame to spoil what lies in store, but each separate story provides tension and scenes which make you want to put your hands over your eyes and peep out of the corner to watch.

Ghost Stories is as clever as it is scary and as funny as it frightening, managing to strike the balance between both, as well as being informative. We learnt quite a few things about ghouls and terminology, which we weren’t expecting to, which came as a nice surprise. We have to keep the story of Ghost Stories a secret, for the most part. All we can say is that the show is thoroughly good fun and the anticipation of what is going to happen next adds to the tension, but in a very fun way.

As one who admits to being somewhat of a ‘scaredy-cat’ when it comes to such things, we have to say that this is a show for (almost) all. The scary numbers are balanced with plenty of belly laughs. There are also plenty of moments where you find yourself jumping out of your seat, along with lots of nervous laughter! Poltergeists, monsters, ghosts, the supernatural are all covered and explored. The acting throughout is convincing and voice projection is eerily met with varying tones. The show isn’t so scary that it will make you unable to sleep at night (thankfully!), but it is very entertaining and even thought provoking. Also, be prepared for your senses to feel very exposed! The way in which the theatre is laid out, with the set and the props, make for a very real feeling piece of theatre and perfectly sets the mood.

With Hallowe’en coming up at the end of the month, what better timing could there be to go and see this show? For the singles out there, they are also hosting a special event this Thursday (October 2nd), where singles are encouraged to attend, with the thought being that the adrenaline created whilst watching the show is enough to set hearts racing, with drinks in a nearby bar to follow the show, this could prove to be the case.

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