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Mistresses season 1: where we left off

Get up-to-speed on the first season before season 2 starts on Wednesday.


Mistresses is returning to TLC in the UK this week for its second season and it promises to be even better than the first season.

Over the first season’s 13 episodes there were more twists and turns than the average UK road, and that’s saying a lot! The show’s four main characters Savi (Alyssa Milano), Karen (Yunjin Kim), April (Rochelle Aytes) and Joss (Jes Macallan) certainly had a lot of drama.

The season ended on a cliffhanger with Savi’s life, and that of her unborn child, hanging in the balance and Karen fighting for her life.

Ahead of the show’s return this week we’ve put together a recap for each of the characters to make sure you’re ready for the season two premiere.

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Mistresses - Savi

Credit: ABC/Bob D’Amico

When it comes to making terrible choices, Savi was right at the front of the pack in season 1. She started the season trying to get pregnant with her husband Harry (Brett Tucker) but soon found herself having a one-night stand with work colleague Dom (Jason George). Over the course of the season Savi battled to choose which man she wanted to be with but when she came clean to Harry about her indiscretion her choice was pretty much made for.

Add to that the fact she’d fallen pregnant and didn’t know if Harry or Dom was the father and that’s quite the dilemma she had. Harry said he could only get past her betrayal if the baby was his or if she aborted the baby if it was Dom’s. Entrusting her sister Joss with the results, Savi decided to make her choice without knowing the paternity.

With all that drama going on, Savi also ruined her chances of becoming a partner in the law firm she worked at by letting her personal drama get in the way.

The season finale saw Savi involved in a car accident after she left Palm Springs to get the paternity results back from Harry who had stolen them from Joss’ desk drawer. As she lay in the hospital both Harry and Dom made a bid for her to choose them and it was finally revealed that Dom was the babydaddy. The season drew to a close with Savi going into cardiac arrest leaving her life and that of her baby’s hanging in the balance..


Mistresses - Karen

Credit: ABC/Bob D’Amico

In close second place in terms of bad decision making, Karen made some spectacularly terrible ones in the first season. It was quickly established that she had been sleeping with Thomas Grey (John Schneider), a patient of hers and a partner in the law firm that Savi works for.

Throughout the season Karen comforted Thomas’ wife Elizabeth (Penelope Ann Miller) and grew close to his son Sam (Erik Stocklin). What Karen completely failed to realise was that Sam was beginning to fall for her and their relationship moved from platonic to creepy stalker-like. Once she began to realise Sam’s feelings for her, Karen tried to keep her distance but was pulled back to him when Elizabeth asked her to fabricate session notes about Thomas to provide to an investigator who was looking into his death.

In one of the worst decisions made during the season, Karen went along with Elizabeth’s plan oblivious to the fact that the grieving widow knew all about her affair with her late husband. Worse than that, she wanted to make Karen suffer by running her credibility and her career. Continuing her trend of terrible decisions Karen then started to get a little too close to Anthony Newsome (Gary Dourdan) who was investigating Thomas’ death. Thankfully she decided that would be a bad idea and stopped herself in the nick of time.

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Elizabeth then tried to take Karen to court claiming that she killed Thomas using the fabricated notes and the morphine prescriptions against her. After a tense battle, Karen won but before she did she made her worst decision yet by sleeping with Sam and agreeing to let him be her alibi. He of course didn’t follow through with that and stuck by his mother instead.

As if things couldn’t get worse, Karen was then held at gunpoint by a drunken and deranged Elizabeth. Sam stopped by in the nick of time and as the season came to a close a gun was fired and blood sprayed over Karen’s lovely sofa. Who’s blood was it though?


Mistresses - April

Credit: ABC/Bob D’Amico

We spent the majority of season one feeling sorry for poor April. When we first met her she was bringing up her daughter alone following the death of her husband Paul (Dondre T. Whitfield). A series of nuisance calls made her believe that Paul was sending her a message warning her not to date but it actually turned out that the calls were coming from her late husband’s mistress Miranda (Kate Beahan) who was in town with the son she secretly had with Paul.

Miranda’s motives were unclear but it seemed that she was in town purely to extort money from April. The good-natured April tried to keep Miranda happy and offered her some money (which is more than we would have offered her!).

Whilst she was dealing with that drama, April embarked on a new relationship with Richard (Cameron Bender), a fellow single parent whose daughter went to the same school as April’s daughter. Their relationship got off to a terrible start thanks to April standing him up twice but eventually they enjoyed a lot of passion in the bed that was on sale in April’s shop!

The relationship wasn’t meant to last though and a big shock was served up when April discovered Paul was still alive. That’s right folks! He hadn’t died at all and instead chose to live with Miranda and raise their son. Upon his return he told April he had made a huge mistake and tried to win her back re-enter the life of his daughter. With Miranda outed as a complete liar, April refused to give her any money and she soon returned to the rock she’d crawled out from under. Paul meanwhile stayed in town and reignited April’s feelings for him. This ultimately led to the demise of April’s relationship with Richard and left her with a dilemma about whether or not to tell her daughter that Paul was still alive.

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Mistresses - Joss

Credit: ABC/Bob D’Amico

Free-spirited Joss, the sister of Savi, had an experimental season to say the least. The commitment-phobic, feisty and sexually-liberated woman started off the season sleeping with her boss to make sure that she got the best houses to sell for the real estate company she worked for. That soon came to an end when her boss departed and consultant Olivier (Mike Dopud) was drafted in to get the firm back on track.

Homeless and relationship-less, Joss moved into Savi’s guest house and threw herself into trying to find a home for lesbian couple Alex (Shannyn Sossamon) and Sally (Tory Mussett). Soon she found herself drawn to Alex and a bit of advice she gave to her new friend resulted in Alex breaking off her relationship with Sally. Alex briefly stayed with Joss and the two women got intimate pretty quickly.

Following a fight with Savi, Joss moved in with Alex and decided to try having a relationship with her. As things started to get more serious, Joss struggled to stay faithful and ultimately cheated on Alex with Olivier, a man she couldn’t stand when she first met him. She came clean after Alex noticed a bite mark on her body and the two ended their relationship.

Joss came to realise just how much her sister had been there for her. A brief encounter with their hippy mother saw Joss let down once again as her mother promised her the world and did her usual disappearing act.

By the end of the season Joss was back living with Savi and tried to keep Savi and Harry together. Harry became a good friend to Joss after an incident that saw her almost raped in his restaurant and he told her she needed to take a long hard look at her life. Joss decided to call it a day at the real estate agency despite being given the job of manager following Olivier’s departure.

At the end of season one Joss was panicking about Savi’s paternity results which Harry had stolen. She called Savi to tell her the results weren’t at home and minutes later Savi was involved in a car crash putting her in hospital fighting for her life.

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Mistresses returns in the UK Wednesday 3rd September 2014 at 10pm. Watch the season two trailer below:


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