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The Following season 2 Unmasked recap

The mole is finally discovered as a murder spree takes place.

The Following season 2 episode 9

After last week’s so-so episode The Following was on top form tonight as pedal hit the metal and things started to really take off.

If you haven’t seen the latest episode of The Following and don’t want anything spoiled then please stop reading now. If you are up-to-date and want to relive the action then keep on reading.

This week’s episode saw Lily Gray (Connie Nielsen) still in hiding with Mark (Sam Underwood) plotting her next move whilst Ryan (Kevin Bacon), Max (Jessica Stroup) and Weston (Shawn Ashmore) continued to seek out the mole in the FBI. After learning last week that the mole was a woman, Max and Weston cross-referenced the personnel database and came up with six potential matches, one of which was Agent Mendez (Valerie Cruz). After taking their research to Ryan, Max and Weston were promptly dismissed as Ryan believed Mendez to be one of the good guys despite her security clearance being used to access the late Debra Parker’s emails.

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Regardless the crime-fighting trio hatched a plan which saw Max place a bug on Mendez before she was accosted by Ryan and accused of being the mole. Mendez angrily denied the claim and once Ryan had left she promptly deactivated her phone, ditched her car and got into a taxi. Don’t look too suspicious there will you Mendez? Luckily the bug Max planted was undetected so Weston and Ryan could trace her as she went on her merry way to the home of her ex-partner Jana (Leslie Bibb). Upon arrival Mendez received a frosty welcome from Jana who was entertaining guests with a bit of afternoon wine.

Credit: FOX

Credit: FOX

When Mendez insisted on speaking to Jana alone (now blonde by the way – very important!), the former partners began to argue in the garage. During that scene it was revealed that Jana had a mental breakdown and became obsessed with Joe Carroll (James Purefoy), something that was covered up as post-partum depression after having a baby. Erm Mendez, didn’t this ring any alarm bells seriously? Bringing up Jana’s breakdown only served to make things go horribly wrong and Mendez accusing her of helping Joe sent Jana back to crazy town as she stabbed Mendez and left her on the floor of the garage to die.

Luckily for her, Ryan and Weston arrived at the house. When they knocked on the door, Jana was upstairs (packing and ready to flee) but her friends let them in. Ryan soon discovered Mendez in the garage and Weston got into a gun stand-off with Jana. Ryan entered the scene and after revealing that she had been helping Joe, Jana shot herself in the head. Meanwhile a sobbing and injured Mendez was loaded into an ambulance and told not to talk to anyone about what had happened.

With that loose end tied up, what did Joe get up this week? Well his taking over of Micah’s (Jake Weber) cult ramped up as he convinced the bonkers leader to let him kill his wife Julia (Jacinda Barrett). Knowing that she stood in the way of his goal, Joe took pleasure in garrotting Julia to death whilst Micah looked on with wild excitement.

Prior to that Micah filmed a video that he wanted to be released into the world following a murder spree in New York. What he didn’t know is that Joe was in cahoots with Emma (Valorie Curry) and had switched the video with one of his own. After releasing murderer Lance to Emma and Robert (Shane McRae), Micah sent them on their way to target a book signing by Carrie Cooke (Sprague Grayden). Upon arrival Lance and Robert went separate ways whilst Emma donned a disguise and got in the signing queue. As she approached the desk where Carrie was signing she asked for her book to be signed to Joe Carroll prompting a startled Carrie to panic. Lance and Robert then put on white masks and started randomly killing people in the bookshop. As chaos broke out, and Emma put her mask on, the three held Carrie to the floor and told her to broadcast a message from Joe and threatened her life if she didn’t comply. Carrie took the memory card as Emma and Robert fled the bookshop leaving Lance inside.

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Credit: FOX

Credit: FOX

Ryan arrived on the scene after Max discovered that Carrie was going to be targeted again and he comforted her. Carrie lied to him saying Emma said nothing to her and concealed the memory card. She asked Ryan if they could have dinner later to which he agreed. Lance pretended he was an innocent victim but when he started acting suspicious was killed by the police before Ryan could get any information from him.

Shortly after Carrie broadcast Joe’s message on TV with a horrified Ryan, Max and Weston looking on. Joe meanwhile was celebrating his victory by poisoning and killing Micah with Emma and Robert. That’s the crazy cult leader out of the way then? Joe then called a ceremony to hail himself the new leader as he displayed Micah and Julia’s dead bodies to the cult.

Back at Ryan’s Carrie arrived and apologised for lying to him. He told her he wasn’t angry and had dinner set out for the two of them. As Carrie was about to leave the two shared a passionate embrace and it looked like things were going to take a turn for the sexy. Are you sure that’s a good idea Ryan?

Meanwhile Weston had already made his excuses and left Ryan’s apartment but where was he off to? After being transported with a bag over his head, Weston arrived at a hotel. As he entered the room a woman turned round and it was revealed to be the previously thought dead Claire Matthews (Natalie Zea) in a black wig. Were you expecting that? We did have our suspicions…

Lastly what did you think about that rather sexy scene with Weston and Max? Clearly they’re going to get it on aren’t they? Looking good there Weston in your towel with your perfect pecs…

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The Following continues at 9/8c Mondays on FOX in the US and at 10pm Tuesdays on Sky Atlantic in the UK.


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