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Portia – Women in Arts Festival

This Christmas the Tristan Bates Theatre near Covent Garden is running a three day Women in Arts Festival, from 16th – 18th December. Tickets are now on sale.

One of the highlights will be Portia, a one-woman show that reunites actress Clare Cameron with actor/writer/director Robert Gillespie. They worked together previously on a few projects, memorably 2011’s Love, Question Mark.

Portia asks whether or not the way women select their partners has changed that much since Portia and her trio of caskets in William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. It takes a comedic and philosophical view of the subject matter.

It marks Robert Gillespie’s return to the Tristan Bates Theatre after his acclaimed production of Jeremy Kingston’s Making Dickie Happy earlier this year.

Tickets are on sale from the Tristan Bates Theatre Box Office. There are several performance during the evening on both the 16th and 18th December that can be booked individually.

The artwork for Portia is by Claire Stringer.

Greg Jameson
Greg Jameson
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