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Colour Of Bone – Low Mode single review

Low Mode is the long awaited debut single from the enigmatic Colour Of Bone. It opens with an infectious distorted guitar riff set against a dense backdrop of pulsating electronics to create a brooding sense of melodrama.

Thick stomping bass and violent orchestral synths serve to intensify the feeling of foreboding in the build-up to an abrasive crescendo, culminating in a climactic chorus introduction. The frighteningly insistent guttural growls of ‘I was made for you, I was made for you’ will ring in your ears long after the track has faded into nothingness.

In a world bursting with fame hungry talent show winners and social media made celebrities, Colour Of Bone has joined other acts such as Society, in somewhat admirably confining their identities to the shadows and instead letting their music do the talking. There’s even a typically ominous animated video to accompany Low Mode. It will be interesting to see if they can maintain the mystique.

To say this song is heavy is an understatement. The crashing drums and menacing vocals will be sure to pull you all the way down into harmonised hell.

Lucy Christian
Lucy Christian
Lucy writes music news and reviews for Entertainment Focus.

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