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Watch the PlayStation 4 reveal live on EF tonight

You can watch the live stream from Sony’s conference in New York from 11pm tonight (GMT) right here on EF so be sure to Bookmark this page.

At the conference we’re expecting the first offical reveal of the PlayStation 4 (PS4) from Sony. You’ll be able to watch the announcements as they happen in the live stream below.

It’s hard to know exactly what to expect from the conference but the Internet has been rife with rumours. A few of the popular rumours are:

  • New console due out in some terriories before the end of 2013. Probably Japan and North America, will Europe have to wait until 2014?
  • Brand new controller with integrated touch pad and PS Move capabilities.
  • Bundled camera
  • Price point around £300
  • Multiple SKU’s
  • Streaming technology
  • No disc based backwards compatibility
  • Will it support Preowned titles? We’re hearing conflicting information

We’d also expect a bunch of new game announcements so expect to hear about first and third party titles. Fingers crossed to see games running on actual hardware and none of the prerendered nonsense we got with the PS3.

Hopefully Sony will still have some surprises in store as well.

Let us know what you’re hoping for from the PS4 in the comments below and check back at 11pm tonight to watch the conference live. Also be sure to let us know what you think after the conference.

Video streaming by Ustream

EF will be bringing you coverage of all the announcements after the conference.


Greg Ellwood
Greg Ellwood
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