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Table Top Racing launches on iOS this Thursday

Table Top Racing is a brand new racing title from the co-creators of WipEout. The game is a fast and furious miniaturised combat-racing game from the Micro Machines and Mario Kart canon specifically designed as a racing game for all iOS mobile gamers. Featuring console quality graphics and gameplay which showcase the capabilities of Apple hardware as a gaming platform, Table Top Racing is the first in a new generation of finely crafted videogame experiences which take mobile video-gaming to the next level.

Table Top Racing pits all manner of crazy cars and automobiles against each other in a world of table top race tracks and oversized obstacles. There’s also an arsenal of madcap weapons and devious power-ups to play with. The multi-player mode enables up to four frienemies to engage in addictive, high octane battles over the net and also compete for the top spot on global leaderboards.

Players can also win coins, upgrade vehicles, unlock new cars, expand their weapons cabinet in a bid to blast their way to the front of the grid. Table Top Racing aims to be instantly playable across all supported devices with simple controls and super smooth frame rates to deliver a stunning racing game experience.

Table Top Racing features

  • 8 Incredibly detailed, beautifully rendered race circuits
  • Intense 4 Player multi-player battles over Game Centre. 6 Players over Wifi or Bluetooth.
  • Apple Gamecentre Leaderboards – Global player ranking and Per Track Lap times
  • Multiple Game Centre Achievements
  • 10 Awesome vehicles to race with Tuning, Wheel and Paint shops
  • 4 Multi-event Championships to conquer with Season Finales
  • 6 Gameplay modes – Hot-Lap, Speed-Trial, Combat, Pure Race, Pursuit, Eliminator
  • Ultra-smooth 60 frames per second console quality gameplay
  • Crisp native Retina graphics (on applicable devices)
  • Beautiful real-time lighting effects on iPhone 5, iPad 4th Gen, iPod 5, iPad 2 and iPad Mini

Table Top Racing will release exclusively for Apple iOS devices via the app store on January 31st.

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