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Swashbuckling action-MMO Kartuga prepares to set sail

InnoGames has revealed that the closed beta for their pirate action game Kartuga will begin in February.

When the beta launches next month, pre-registered players will have the opportunity to be among the first to conquer the world from their browser, in this Unity 3D powered multiplayer adventure.

Kartuga is a new browser-based MMO which puts players in charge of one of three fully customisable classes of ship. The game’s core offering is simple: to deliver an ocean full of promise, adventure and potential riches – and tense, nail-biting sea-battles.


Co-operative PvP is very much the focus, with an open world for cool downs and exploring beautiful kingdoms in between battles. Each ship can be customised to suit a particular playing style – with players gaining skill points by levelling up.

With three worlds to plunder and explore – Ithosia, Kartu and the Empire of the Sun. With each world featuring various areas offering PvP missions or PvE quests, there’s always an adventure just over the horizon.


[quote by=”Dennis Heinert, InnoGames spokesman.”]So far, already 50,000 players pre-registered for the game and we cannot wait to show it to them. The game adds new perspectives to the pirate genre. The setting does not have anything to do with clichéd Caribbean parrots, but will lead the players to three distinct areas. This is all free to play and massively multiplayer in a persistent world.[/quote]

EF will be bringing you more news on Kartuga soon. In the meantime you have a few more days to sign up to the closed beta by heading over to www.kartuga.com.

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