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Pitch Perfect review

Beca (Anna Kendrick – Up In The Air) starts at Barden University and is soon talked into joining The Bellas, an all-girl singing group who have had a few barren years in competitions. Adding some much needed spice into their repertoire, Beca and the Bellas prepare to do battle with other singing groups from the university, with the eventual hope of reaching nationals.

If you loved Bring It On and Glee, Pitch Perfect is tailor-made for you. With a dash of Bridesmaids thrown in for good measure, Pitch Perfect blends good music and belly laughs with an underdog story you can get behind.

Pitch Perfect

The cast are all brilliant, both in the comedy department and the films demanding vocal requirements. Twilight’sAnna Kendrick does an amazing job leading the line along with Brittany Snow, who really ought to be a bigger star by now. True Blood’s Anna Camp steals her scenes as the uptight Aubrey whilst Rebel Wilson nails her role with a brand of humour only she can provide.

There is also a big supporting roster of talent that helps propel this movie. Alexis Knapp, Ester Dean and Hana Mae Lee are particular highlights. But for sheer zaniness, Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins knock it out of the park with their Dodgeball-esq commentary on the finals. Their witty comments will have you in tears of laughter throughout.

Pitch Perfect

As good as the cast are it’s the comedy that keeps the movie ticking over nicely. Every gag lands where it should and with Rebel Wilson onboard there is always scope for some genuine hilarity given her natural talent. The gags are often crude but handled well – you can clearly see the influence Bridesmaids has had on female-lead comedies over the last few years.

Pitch Perfect doesn’t reinvent the wheel but if you are looking for a feel-good comedy this Christmas you can do a lot worse. With catchy tunes aplenty and a cast that all play their part, Pitch Perfect harmonises in as one of the year’s better comedies. Get ready to be Pitch-slapped.

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