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Interview: Jessica Lynn talks about life on the road and new single ‘Mixed Signals’

American country crossover star Jessica Lynn has returned back to European shores to complete a monstrous touring schedule that has been postponed since 2020. Bringing her energetic stage shows across the continent, she has brought fans from far and wide back together to bask in the joy of her music.

I caught up with her to discuss touring, stage presence and Kiesel guitars…

Hi Jess, thanks for joining me today. How are you? 

Thank you for having me! I’m great thank you.

You’re at the end of your rescheduled UK tour. I know it’s been a long procedure as it was originally a 2020 tour but how has it been?

It has been really so wonderful to get back on the road. It felt surreal to be honest. There were so many days I thought I would never get to tour or perform again over the last few years so it has been quite an emotional trip so far. 

What’s been the biggest challenge since getting back on the road after such a lengthy break?

Being on the road is very physically taxing and I think that has been the biggest challenge so far. My body is definitely not used to the very late nights and very early mornings yet. We just completed our 10th show in 11 days and I am beyond exhausted. When you keep this type of schedule often it feels much easier but I do feel I’m beginning to adjust!

Is there a particular country or city that you look forward to playing when you come to Europe? I know you have some big fans in Germany at the Bikerfest. 

Every place has such a distinct ambience and there are really amazing aspects of each and every location so it’s really hard to pick. I have really loved Switzerland so far because I love being outdoors and we also have gotten to enjoy some really incredible hiking and scenery since we have been here. The festivals have all been so much fun.

Your setlist for this tour has new songs from the ‘Lone Rider’ album on it as well as some covers including a delicate acoustic version of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Landslide’. What was the aim when you were putting it together?

The aim for putting this show together was to showcase every side of myself as a performer. I absolutely love the high energy rock part of our concerts, but I also wanted to be able to be very vulnerable and raw with the audience.  I worked many months on choosing the perfect songs to compose a dynamic, yet emotionally inspired set list.

Your live show is always full on energy. Would you say it always came quite naturally to you as a performer to have such strong presence on stage or has it been a learning process over the years?

What took me a long time to find was my confidence. I was always the performer I am today inside but I was afraid to show it. Being on stage and putting yourself out there can be scary as the world is judging you. Especially after the pandemic, I just wanted to have fun and do what I love to do again.  I don’t think at all when I am on stage, I am just really happy to be there and what everyone is seeing is a very authentic version of me as a person that is truly enjoying every second.

There’s some new guitars on show on the tour, can you talk to me a little bit about the brands you’re using at the moment?

I am now a proud Kiesel Guitar artist. I have my custom white Retro Solo here with me which is my favourite guitar I own, as well as my McPherson carbon fibre acoustic. It is so nice traveling with a carbon fibre because it is virtually indestructible and it really puts my mind at ease not having to baby it as we are constantly changing locations and climates.

Talk to me about new single ‘Mixed Signals’. It’s got a variety of musical styles and influences running through it. 

Growing up as a New Yorker, I didn’t have the traditional country music influences many other country artists had.  I grew up on a lot of soul and rock and roll and I think that really comes through in this track. These days I am not so worried about what genre my sound is but rather that it is just good music that I am happy making.

The video looked like a fun shoot too. How did you decide on the concept for that? 

Whenever I write and create a song, I see the entire vision for it. Every aspect of production, music video, etc, is all formed in my head from the second the song is done being composed. I knew from the start I wanted a video with a retro, fun, and mysterious feel. I even knew I wanted a gold dress. It was the video I have had the most fun making because it was a blast collaborating with all of the extras and also getting to be behind the camera rather than just in front of it.

What are your further plans for 2023? I know there’s a new single or two coming out..

I have a very busy year ahead.  Aside from a hectic touring schedule,  I have new singles coming out as well as a very large Christmas tour in the pipeline. My next single is out this July 14th and it’s called ‘Ain’t Done With You Yet’.  I’m really excited for all that is to come.

Jessica Lynn’s new single ‘Mixed Signals’ is out now. Take a listen to it below:

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