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Dallas Burrow announces ‘Blood Brothers’ album & drops new song ‘Out of My Window’

Both of Dallas Burrow’s last two albums found the deep baritone-voiced songwriter chasing a raw, in-the-moment kind of sound; ‘Southern Wind’ recorded in East Nashville with A-list Nashville pickers and ‘Dallas Burrow’, tracked in Texas with a Texan producer and a Texan band. But with his upcoming LP ‘Blood Brothers’, Burrow wanted to chase something a little more refined, a little more polished.

With the creative vision and technical talent of producer Jonathan Tyler, Burrow took everything he’d learned from the last two album cycles, plus a lot more experience on tour, and brought a new outlook—not to mention what he calls “some of the best songs I’ve ever written”—into the recording studio, crafting his best work to date. 

Existing fans of Burrow’s will find his instantly recognizable songs sung in his signature gravely tone, but there are hints of something deeper afoot. Musically, the pair of Burrow and Tyler chased down new tones influenced by everything from Stax to Muscle Shoals to New Orleans, but lyrically, Burrow’s journey through his own history and influences steals the show. “The songs on ‘Blood Brothers’ tell about where I’m from, where I’ve been, what I’ve done, and what I’ve seen,” says Burrow. “They tell of life, death, love, faith, youthful rebellion, finding acceptance, the state of the world, as well as the story of my father and his connection to Townes Van Zandt, and how that has helped shape my own musical journey, my dedication to family, and approach to life in general.” 

Speaking of Burrow’s approach to life, his first single ‘Out My Window’ is a funky, halftime blues backed up by Taylor Rae’s signature vocals that speaks to today’s turbulent world. “It’s a look at the world in general, our divided politics, the corrupted soul of capitalists and modern man, our polluted environment, and peoples’ seeming inability at times to show one another common decency,” says Burrow, who employs his best Dr. John voice, as he sings, “Look out my window and what do I see?/ Things are even stranger than they look on TV/ I’ve got to believe things are gonna be alright/ When my children lay their heads down at night.” 

“On the whole, this song is a bit of a tongue-in-cheek, if not slightly embittered gospel song, but ultimately it’s also a sincere prayer for humanity, and the future of our children and the Earth itself, beckoning to God above, ‘Lord, send your angels down, tell ‘em to pick up the pace.’”

Burrow kicks off his spring tour dates at Luck Reunion tonight in Luck, Texas. A full list of tour dates, including a run through the Southwest supporting Charley Crockett, can be found below or at dallasburrow.com.

Blood Brothers Tracklist:

River Town

Starry Eyes

Devil’s Tongue

Out My Window

Motel 6

A Lot of it Was

Only Game in Town

Blood Brothers

Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold

X Old Flames

Wild Bill

You Go On Ahead

True Believer

Must Read