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Premiere Exclusive: Jordana Bryant ‘Had to Be There’ lyric video

Learning how to play the guitar at age 10 from her father and writing her own songs since early childhood, Jordana Bryant’s wisdom beyond her years is evident with her mission to bring light, authenticity and kindness to the world through her artistry. Her goal of spreading positivity and bringing people together took on new meaning with the COVID-19 pandemic, when she first began sharing covers and original music online and connected with peers and listeners, which exploded to become her passionate and engaged fanbase.

Since bursting online via viral cover videos uploaded to YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, Bryant has garnered a legion of loyal fans for her lauded covers but also her original heartfelt, all-too-relatable lyrics, with her videos racking up over 15 million views and counting.

Latest release, ‘Had to be There’ is an infectious slice of Pop/Country that builds to an anthemic chorus that just begs to be sung in the shower or with a lazy arm hanging out of a car window on a sun-filled Summer day as the sun begins to dip over the horizon. We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of the video at the top of the page.

Jordana’s story behind the song:

I feel like there are some moments that are just so special that you can’t even describe them, you really just have to be there to understand how amazing they are, so I wanted to write a song about that feeling. Summer is always filled with these “had to be there” moments, so I’m so excited that we were able to release this song before summer’s over! The writing session for this song was its own “had to be there” moment in itself – we had such a blast and laughed so much that day that when people ask about it, I feel like saying “you just had to be there!” 🙂

Jordana explains the concept behind the lyric video:
I wanted to make a lyric video for “Had to Be There” because I always love getting to see songs come to life visually while listening to them, and I wanted to do that for this song. For the lyric video, I wanted to include some of those picture-perfect “had to be there” moments that the song mentions, so we added fireworks, sunsets, and lots of other really cool visuals in there. I hope when people see this lyric video it brings to life those feelings and makes them reminisce about their own “had to be there” memories!

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