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Tiera Kennedy releases fabulous new love song ‘Found it in You’

Tiera Kennedy believes in deep love, true love, absolute love. When she wrote “Found It In You” with her producer Cameron Bedell – inspired by her relationship with her husband and creative director Kamren Kennedy – she knew she found the sweet spot of her self-described R&B infused Country convergence.  We were lucky enough to see Tiera perform the song across a number of stages and platforms at the C2C festival in London this past March and it was a pleasure to see her perform it.

Acting on the hope and promise of knowing they’ve found their one, Tiera Kennedy independently released the demo of “Found It In You” to give fans a taste of where her music was headed before she secured her record deal with Big Machine.

Tiera Kennedy
Credit: Kevin & King

“When I wrote ‘Found It In You’, I knew,” Tiera Kennedy says of the love song that tumbles through the euphoria of realizing this is what happily ever after looks like. “It was a song that had all the things I think my music is made of, in terms of melody, lyric, story – and I was excited we were able to put out an early version. But now, after my wedding and getting some momentum, I’m thrilled to share the great big production version we made after having Dann Huff join us in the studio.”

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