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Maluma – ‘The Love & Sex Tape’ review

Colombian singer Maluma may not be a household name in the UK yet but he’s one of the biggest music stars in the world. Earlier this year he brought his pandemic-delayed ‘Papi Juancho World Tour’ to London’s The O2 Arena shortly after dropping his brand-new single ‘Cositas de la USA’. Always an incredibly prolific artist, Maluma has collaborated with artists including Jennifer Lopez, Natti Natasha, Rayvanny and many more since the release of his 2021 album ‘7 Dias in Jamaica’. 18 months on from that release, Maluma has surprised fans today with new album ‘The Love & Sex Tape’, a new collection featuring 8 tracks including the singles ‘Cositas de la USA’ and ‘Mojando Asientos’ featuring Feid.

‘The Love & Sex Tape’ features only 8 tracks (it’s a shame Maluma didn’t round it out to 10 by including ‘Sobrio’ and ‘Mama Tetema’ featuring Rayvanny) but it’s a pure reggaeton party from start to finish. For this record Maluma has spoken about putting a 2022 spin on his signature sound, reconnecting with the sounds of the streets while staying true to who he is as an artist now. A listen through to the tracks here confirms that he’s achieved that and those fans who loved previous albums ‘Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy’ and ‘F.A.M.E.’ will find a lot to enjoy here.

Ahead of the album release Maluma dropped new track ‘Nos Comemos Vivos’ featuring Chencho Corleone, a reggae-leaning track that explores the reggaeton sound that Maluma made his name with. Dropping lyrics with his easy swag before switching to his smooth tone, Maluma’s sound is completed by the vocals of Corleone, who was formerly one half of Puerto Rican duo Plan B. The song is geared for the summer and it’s sure to be another huge hit for the Colombian superstar.

Every song here is an earworm. ‘Sexo Sin Titulo’ finds Maluma singing about sex with an assist from Jay Wheeler and Lenny Tavarez. He’s always had that gritty naughty side to him, and having seen him live twice now, it’s clear his fanbase (both female and male) love that aspect of him. On ‘Tsunami’ featuring Arcangel and De La Ghetto, the vibe is a little more chilled as Maluma mixes low-key reggaeton vibes with a whole lot of contemporary R&B, while ‘La Vida Es Bella’ is a solo moment that finds the singer reflecting on the life he leads.

‘Mal De Amores’ is a little coyer with Maluma singing in a hushed tone about feeling love sick, and allows his voice to hit that vibrato sweet spot he has. The album comes to a close with ‘Happy Birthday’, where reggaeton and blissed-out R&B meet for a seductively infectious party vibe. If you weren’t dancing by the final track, you most definitely will be by the time it ends.

Maluma continues to be in a league of his own and with every release, his stardom grows and his achievements increase. Yet to put a foot wrong, ‘The Love & Sex Tape’ showcases an artist who is in control of his career and very much in tune with the music his fans want from him. There’s no artist out there that’s as prolific as Maluma and more impressively, there’s no one that has consistently hit such a high benchmark with each release. ‘The Love & Sex Tape’ will be the soundtrack to the summer and by the time Christmas rolls around, don’t be surprised if Maluma has new music ready to go.

Maluma - The Love & Sex Tape
Credit: Sony Music Latin

Track list: 1. Cositas De La USA 2. Sexo Sin Titulo (feat. Jay Wheeler and Lenny Tavarez) 3. Nos Comemos Vivos (feat. Chencho Corleone) 4. Tsunami (feat. Arcangel and De La Ghetto) 5. Mojando Asientos (feat. Feid) 6. La Vida Es Bella 7. Mal De Amores 8. Happy Birthday Record label: Sony Music Latin Release date: 10th June 2022

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Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
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