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‘Elite’ Season 5: 7 things we’ve learned from the new trailer

The season 5 trailer for ‘Elite‘ has arrived ahead of its debut on Netflix on Friday 8th April 2022.

The jam-packed trailer gives away plenty about what’s in store this season and it looks like it could be the juiciest one yet. We also get the opportunity to see the new characters – Isadora (Valentina Zenere) and Ivan (Andre Lamoglia) – in action.

We’ve picked out 7 things we learned from the trailer that we think tell us a lot about what’s coming up…

1. The students of Las Encinas are more sexually fluid than ever before

Benjamin (Diego Martín) walks into what looks to be a free-for-all party verging on an orgy, organised by none other than his son Patrick (Manu Ríos). It looks like everyone is stepping outside their boundaries including Ari (Carla Díaz) who is getting hot-and-heavy with a girl.

2. Omar and Patrick are friends with benefits (and Ander is ignoring Omar)

They indulged in a threesome and a twosome in season 4 and now with Ander (Arón Piper) gone, it looks like Omar (Omar Ayuso) and Patrick are continuing to hook up. Is it casual or something more? That remains to be seen but it looks like Ander isn’t replying to Omar’s text messages.

3. Samuel and Ari are a couple but facing more challenges

The path to true love never runs smoothly but for Samuel (Itzan Escamilla) and Ari, it looks like there are plenty more hurdles in the way. It looks like Samuel’s torn between impressing Ari and her father, and if he’s not careful Ari’s eyes might wander…

4. Rebeka and Mencía are battling to stay together

Rebeka (Claudia Salas) and Mencía (Martina Cariddi) had a rough ride in season 4 and the eventual murder of Armando (Andrés Velencoso), which Mencía is unaware of is set to divide them even further. In the trailer Rebe is seen telling Mencía that she’s not sure they should be together. Oh, and did we mention Rebe appears to be kissing someone else?

5. Is that Armando’s body that’s been found?

A body floating in the water is never a good thing but could it be that Armando has been found? Omar is seen asking Rebe and Samuel who knew about the body and they both look mightily guilty. It was never going to stay buried was it?

6. There’s likely another murder to be solved

Would it even be ‘Elite’ without someone getting murdered? Plenty of the characters are covered in blood at various points of the trailer so a murder is all but guaranteed right?

7. Isadora and Ivan are going to stir things up massively

Newcomers Isadora and Ivan are going to cause mayhem it seems. Isadora appears to be involved with Phillipe (Pol Granch) much to Cayetana’s (Georgina Amorós) and Ivan looks to have eyes for both Patrick and Ari. Uh-oh!

‘Elite’ Season 5 premieres on Netflix on Friday 8th April 2022.

Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip is the Editor of Entertainment Focus and the Managing Director of agency Piñata Media.

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