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Pet Simulator X Mastery Update Is Now Live

The new Mastery update is now live in Pet Simulator X and brings with it a whole host of new features plus some much-needed bug fixes and other changes. The exclusive egg has also been refreshed, surprise surprise, giving you, even more, to spend your Robux on.

There is a lot of good stuff in this update and finally, it seems that Preston is focusing on making the game more engaging rather than just adding new stuff in the pursuit of making more money. It’s nice to see that players are being looked after with new content and rewards that don’t cost Robux and instead rewards working at the game.

To start off with there are two new ranks available that will allow players to increase their daily log in bonus. Pet tier six has been added so you can now equip up to 21 pets if you’ve bought the game passes. The bank has had an uplift and you can now also view the history of your bank.

Pet Simulator X
Credit: Big Games

My two favourite changes are the new mastery system and the introduction of free gifts for all.

The mastery system allows players to unlock permanent perks simply by playing the game. There are currently 15 mastery skills to work on with more to come in the future. I won’t list them all here but as you level up your skills you will gain perks in that area. For example, to level up your dark matter skills you simply need to convert pets in the dark matter machine. As you reach certain benchmarks you will unlock a perk that either speeds up the time it takes or reduces the cost. The higher-level rewards are quite considerable and it’s great to see that those who put in the effort will be suitably rewarded.

The free gifts are just that, free stuff that you can collect simply by being in the game. When you log in you will notice a timer ticking away, when that reaches zero you will be able to claim the gift. So far I have been rewarded with both coins and diamonds but there is also a small chance that you could get yourself a huge pet from one of these free gifts.

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