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Pet Simulator X Christmas Update Part 2 Is Now Live

Part two of the Pet Simulator X Christmas update was released earlier today and offers even more festive fun for its massive fan base. This update includes hoverboard skins, Christmas quests, a buff to gingerbread collection rates and more.

The hoverboard skins are earned by completing various milestones in the game. For example one of the skins is available if you become a Pet Sim X partner whilst another requires you to have redeemed a merch code. The Christmas skin can be obtained by completing various challenges during the Christmas event.

Another new addition is the super magnet game pass. Once purchased, this game pass will allow players to collect coins, gingerbread and even loot bags from anywhere on the map. This is a great addition for anyone who afk farms.

For a very limited time, there will be a premium Christmas egg that gives an increased chance of hatching a Huge Festive Cat or if you’re super lucky you might even hatch a Huge Santa Paws pet.

Pet Simulator X
Credit: Big Games

Other changes:

Double Gingerbread – Gingerbread has received yet another buff and has been doubled for everyone.

More SFX -SFX has been added to collecting bank interest, earning boosts, and more.

Health Scaling – Gingerbread Chests, Diamond Presents, and Candy Canes will now scale their health based on their spawn location!

More Lootbags – Get even more loot bags now when breaking chests!

Huge Festive Cat Buff – The Huge Festive Cat drop rate has been tripled! Good luck!

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